Six reasons to learn Turkish language

Six reasons to learn Turkish language

reasons learn Turkish language

Learning any language comes with numerous career opportunities, several added benefits, and improved brain function. Turkish is a significant language because of the sheer number of people who speak it. Approximately about 75 million people speak Turkish as their first language which makes it one of the world’s 15 most widely spoken first languages. Learning Turkish is a delight. Turkish is a fascinating language that holds an interesting history.
Here are a few reasons for you to learn the Turkish language.

1. Learn about Turkish culture

Turkish culture is quite unique and interesting. Turkey has a lot of traditions and customs which makes the history rich and exciting. The only way to truly understand its history is to learn Turkish language so that it would be easy. Apart from the rich history, Turkish food also holds a special place in the heart of the culture.

2. Turkish is one of the requirements for global business

Turkey is a major player in the world of international business. If you are planning on doing business globally, there are high chances of you to learn Turkish. Knowing at least the basics of the language will help you start off your business very easily.

3. Career opportunities

There are numerous career opportunities that exist in the sectors as diverse as finance, law, business, government and much more. For those who are interested in the public sector, the U.S government has designated Turkish as one the critical languages and actively recruits for the roles in the areas of diplomacy and offers many other opportunities as well.

4. Access to scholarships and grants

There are several opportunities out there for undergraduate or graduate Turkish language students to promote, travel and study while recognizing progress and achievements. There are many educational and cultural programs being offered to students but for that you must learn Turkish.

5. Turkey is important geographically

Turkey lies between Europe and Asia; it is the country which connects the Western world to the Middle East. So, as it has features from both parts of the world, Turkey is considered as one of the most important country geo-politically. This language is for you, if you are interested in international relations and diplomacy. Learning Turkish can be beneficial for you.

6. Easier to learn

Well, you might be surprised to hear this but learning Turkish is actually very easy. This is because the Turkish alphabets have Latin letters, English native speakers can easily read Turkish. The Turkish pronunciation isn’t difficult to master either, in fact, you can easily speak it fluently without having to worry about your accent.

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