Six Library Activities for Students

Six Library Activities for Students

Library Activities for Students

Six Library Activities for Students

Libraries are the spaces where students are supposed to study, make their assignments, reports, and collect material related to their research projects. You already knew this? Yes, this is so simple and everyone knows this. But maybe there is a lot more Library Activities for Students.

No, I am not going to be that strict teacher who criticizes it. If you are finding a safe space for doing some other activities until it is not affecting others, there is no problem with it. Enjoy and let others enjoy. That’s why this piece is composed to let you have fun about the little things happening in your department. Talking about libraries, they have become the center for many activities along with studying. There is no denying the fact that most students still go there to study but there are also some other fun things that students use it for.  


Libraries are good places to gossip that students find no place to do, right? No there are a lot of places but doing them while whispering in libraries has its own fun. Librarians are tough and mostly they throw the students who are gossiping out of the library. Still, who knows how does it feel to hear a librarian screaming at you, apologizing to them, and then resuming the gossip again. All the class politics, teacher’s behaviors, and student problems are done in the library. 

Using free internet 

The internet of the whole department is mostly not working. A library is a place that never has poor internet. So, whether you have to download your seasons, movies, or watch them while sitting there, a library is the most suitable place for it. You are not disturbing anyone or making any noise. Thus, the librarian has no right to stop you from doing it. So, keep going, my friend. 


Feeling dizzy and want silence? Go to the library. It has many benefits. First, it is the most silent space in the department. Secondly, no one will stop you because you are doing nothing but staying silent while sleeping. Third, you can have a proper temperature and air conditioning system in a library that other places don’t have. This takes us to our next point which is a great reason to go to libraries for students.  

Using an air conditioner or a heater

Just like the internet, a library has the best air conditioning system in summer and a heating system in winter. So, when you are not feeling good in your classes because it does not have a proper temperature regulating system, the library is the best place for you. Students mostly use it in summer because winter can be enjoyed on the grounds but who will bear the scorching heat in summer. So, it is the heat in summer that has taken many students to libraries. Teachers think they have become serious about studying but tell them to check their air conditioning systems.     


A library is also the safest space to date for students. Particularly, if you are from an institute like Punjab University where ‘Jamiat’ does not allow you to sit together even for studying, the library provides you a safe space. Even if you do not have such pressures from outside, the library is a peaceful place to talk and know about each other. Moreover, if you are a couple who likes the studying environment that a library has, what else can be better for you. Well, these are not suggestions but just the reasons why students find it a good dating point. 

Reading novels 

You can easily portray that you are studying for your exams or preparing your reports while having a novel in your hand. What can be a better environment for that? Even when students go to a library with the intention of preparing assignments, their hearts take them towards the piece of fiction that they are studying. There is no compulsion of studying so enjoy having fun with these little things. It is your library and the facilities are made for you. Use them the way you want but just care for the innocent workaholics sitting around you. 

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