CSS is not just the game of studying for a few months. It is about having an attitude towards studying, being consistent, and having certain sets of habits. If you want to do CSS, you should align your life in such a routine that you do not have to put the effort in just scheduling your days in the end. Here are the mistakes people make and should not make if you are a CSS aspirant. 

Moreover, if people tell you it is the game of a few months of study, that’s not true. Even those people have such a balanced life that others usually don’t have. So, you have to put effort in disciplining your life, building some habits, and studying during your degree so that when you are actually preparing for your CSS, you can do it with minimum effort and clear it on the very first attempt. 

  • Leaving your studies for the last night  

Leaving your studies for the last day every time might make you prepare for your mid or final-term exams of the semester, but it is a dangerous habit in a long term. It makes you habitual to doing this every time and the habit is fixed before you realize you cannot get rid of your procrastination. Studying CSS syllabus is a very tough game. You have to give a lot of time to it. If you keep on leaving your studies for the last night, you will not be able to make a routine during CSS preparation. 

  • Wasting your degree in fun

Students waste their degrees thinking it is all about fun and realize they have learned nothing in the end. I am not telling you to cram things during your degree. You have to learn the basic things that everyone should do irrespective of what they are doing after degree. This can be writing skills, analytical skills, critical thinking, argument making, etc. If you take part in the class projects, read a lot about everything, be active in productive discussions and debates, etc., you will be better able to attempt your CSS exam and prepare for it. 

  • Not taking care of your assignments and research 

Yes, you do not need to have an extraordinary CGPA to do CSS. But the mistake you do is think that there is no use of these assignments and class projects. These things help develop skills like writing, thinking, and analysis. They are way more important than you can think of and also greatly help your CSS journey.  

  • Developing a short attention span

Mobile phones and technology have reduced our attention span to a few minutes. This is simply not acceptable if you want to appear in CSS. Instead of reading detailed articles, we rely on few-minute-long videos for information. This is not only affecting our attention span but also making us rely on merely some information instead of finding out the in-depth details and analyses. Do not let yourself have a short attention span because CSS is a game of entirely the opposite.  

  • Studying only weekly or during exams 

It might be a healthy routine during your degree to study only on the weekends or a month before exams. It is probably enough to prepare for the exams and perform excellently but this is a destructive habit if you want to appear in CSS. Make yourself find time daily for studying. Study on the days even when you have nothing just to keep up with your habit.  

  • Relying on notes and short studying material

In semester system studies, students rely on short notes and such material to prepare for exams. Make yourself habitual to studying from books and detailed sources. This will help you tremendously in your CSS preparation because you need to study from extensive and multiple sources. Moreover, it will add to your knowledge and critical thinking powers, all that you need for your

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