Six things to consider before planning a major in Biotechnology

Six things to consider before planning a major in Biotechnology


Like many other fields, Biotechnology is the one that is misperceived by many students. They are not completely aware of what this field is about and what can be the possible career choices for them. Some of the students choose this degree because they think it is very close to medical and others chose it because they think science subjects carry a high value in the country. Both of these reasons are not enough to select a major in Biotechnology. It is a complicated field that has a lot of challenges in Pakistan. It is growing in our country and the growth is in the initial stages. There are a few things that students should know before planning a major in Biotechnology. 

You have to be interested in research and experimentation

The first thing that you have to know about this degree is that it is highly research-oriented. You have to have a strong interest in biotechnological experimentation and research. In fact, this field is more about research and practical and less about theory. If you are more interested in some theoretical fields, there might be some other science subjects for you but not Biotechnology. 

It is not related to the medical field 

Biotechnology is considered to be close to medical and related fields. But that is not true. There is some lab work that people confuse with medical practice but that is entirely different. When you choose this field, know that the main work is in industries and the experimentation is different. Its research is definitely way more important than simple medical research and the demand is huge all over the world. But, if you are choosing merely because it is related to the medical field, reconsider your plan.

Check the scope in the country that you are supposed to be in 

If you are interested in Biotechnology and its research, that is not enough reason to choose this degree. You do not want to complete your degree and then realize there is no opportunity for you out there. So, before you choose it, check its scope in the country that you are supposed to be in. If you are planning to go abroad for higher studies and practice, you might get some wonderful opportunities. But talking about Pakistan, you might get disappointed. 

Choose your university wisely 

This is a very important point to consider. Not all universities in Pakistan offer the same opportunities to students. Some have good labs and apparatus and some institutes have very underdeveloped labs. Moreover, not all universities give access to students to the labs. Check out these things from different sources before you finally choose an institute.   

Internship during the degree will give you a better idea of your future priorities

Though this degree is very research-intensive and difficult, you will still need to do some internships to make a strong profile and get a better idea about this field. Moreover, if you want to secure admission abroad, an internship will help you a lot in that regard. You can start getting some experience in the second last year of the degree. This will give you an idea about what opportunities are available for you and where you want to work after your degree.   

Labs are not accessible to all the students  

Not just that you have to be careful about the labs’ status of every institute, you also want to know how accessible they are to students. If you are a student who is interested in experimentation, know that it will need a lot of lab work, and there are very few opportunities for that. You might be able to complete your research interests in your higher degrees, particularly if you are going abroad. But here in Pakistan, most of the institutes will not give you that access. 

In short, this is a growing degree in Pakistan and you might be the one who takes it to the next height. But that needs courage, consistency, and a lot of work. Thus far, the best option is to go abroad and receive higher education from some big university that provides its students with all the lab facilities. Also, you will get amazing job opportunities that are not possible in the near future in Pakistan.

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