Six tips to ace IELTS

Six tips to ace IELTS

Six tips to ace IELTS

Feeling nervous about your IELTS exam? Want to achieve good results? Say no more. We have got your back; in this article, we have listed six tips on how to ace your IELTS exam. Read on!

1. Make a study plan

Before opening up IELTS books, you need to have a plan ready for your studies. Time management is the key to preparing well and facing the exam. If you have the right schedule with you, you will worry less, and be more stress-free while preparing for IELTS. One doesn’t need to study constantly for the exam, instead, have the right study plan and learn to give equal time to each part.

2. Taking as many practice tests as one can

There is no harm in getting your hands on as many old IELTS tests as possible. The more you practice the more perfect you will get and so the higher chances of achieving a good result. From the internet, bookstore or libraries, one can easily have access to deep volumes of IELTS tests and resources.

3. Practice listening skills

Reading and writing in an IELTS test are important but so is the listening test. Many people think that listening test is not important, so they don’t prepare enough for it hence, they fail to be ready to hear a variety of speakers in various accents, be it British, American or Australian speaking on certain topics. It is very important to prepare yourself for mock listening exams to both understand different speakers and to train your ears.

4. Knowing the terminology, you will encounter

It is of no surprise that IELTS test papers have some very complex vocabulary than a general English test. Test-takers need to be ready to know all the terms like parallel expressions, synonyms and know what the question means or how they relate to certain questions before their big test because dictionaries are forbidden during the test.

5. Surround yourself with English

Listen to English podcasts or music, watch English movies or series, read English magazines, journals and newspapers to enhance your English skills. By doing all this, it will only improve your grammar, vocabulary and communication skills. Whereas, reading newspapers and books will help in improving your reading speed but also do keep in mind that while reading books, concentrate more on the complex words and try keeping them in your mind.

6. Getting ready for the test day

Students taking an IELTS test must schedule and pay fees ahead of time. This gives these students a huge time bracket to be mentally and physically prepared for the big day. It also involves studying for the tests but also gives them the time to get the necessary stuff together for the tests, getting lots of rest, knowing what to take on the test day. Mostly, students underestimate IELTS test centers, but little do they know that these test centers are quite strict with heavy security so be sure to get ready well in advance. Good Luck!

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