How to get a good score on the GRE?


Graduate Record Examination carries huge importance in your international admissions decision. You can get accepted to the best universities with prestigious scholarships with a good score in your GRE. So, are there any tips to score high in GRE? Yes, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make a difference in your GRE score. But is there any shortcut to its preparation? No there is not. Give as much time as you think is enough for you to have a grip on it. However, here are some tips on how to get a good score on the GRE.

  • Solve the easier questions first

The first tip is about solving your test. It is always best to solve the easiest questions first. Don’t take it as something that you have to end in one go. Instead, go through the whole test three to four times to solve different types of questions each time. In the first go, answer the questions that you are sure about and are easy. In the second go, answer the questions that need a little more consideration. Third time going through the test, answer the questions that take more time than others. And finally, answer the questions that you have only to guess. 

  • Solve questions smartly 

You have to be a little smart when solving the questions like sentence equivalence or multiple blanks. They might sound difficult but they can be handled well with a little consideration. For example, the multiple blank questions are very easier than the single blank ones. You get more clues to fill in them. Also, if you can fill in even one blank, you will understand the rest of them by making their sense clear. 

Likewise, the sentence equivalence questions can be answered by the elimination technique. You have to choose two options from a list of six. All you have to do is to make sure that they make sense in the sentence and give it the same meaning. You can eliminate as many options as possible by checking them on these criteria and then choose the last ones as your answer.

  • Choose the right and official resource for preparation 

Don’t go just for any book just because different academies or online platforms are presenting it as the best one. Try to stick to the official resource. You can get the latest changes and updates from the official website of ETS. You can also use the ETS book for GRE as the authentic and ultimate resource for preparation.   

  • Guessing is better than leaving

There is no negative marking for incorrect answers so it is better that you answer every question. When you have solved all other questions, try to make your guesses at the end. Guess does not necessarily have to be random. You can still make the best guess according to your reasons. 

  • Identify what you can do the best and what not 

When you are practicing GRE, you will realize what parts are your strengths and what you find difficult to solve. For instance, you might find it difficult to solve analytical reason questions and easy to solve quantitative reasoning questions. Once you identify this, you will get what questions to solve first and what at the end. Try to solve as many questions as possible. 

  • There are smart tips but no shortcuts

You can ask others for guidance and some tips but there are no shortcuts to its preparation. So, practice as much as possible and prepare every category of the questions. The more exercises you solve the more are the chances that you will score high. Good luck with your endeavors. 

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