Six ways for how not to panic during an exam?

Six ways for how not to panic during an exam?

Six ways for how not to panic during an exam

Exam anxiety affects the performance of tests more than anything does. It makes you focus more on dealing with the worry instead of the questions. So, you end up not giving your hundred percent. If you want to perform well in your exams, you have to deal with this anxiety. Here are a few tips that can help you not panic during exams.

Look at the question paper, not the questions

There is this common advice that every student is given. Look at the whole question paper before you start attempting any questions. Well, if you are a person who panics very easily during the exam, this is not a good strategy for you. however, it is important to look at the question paper in order to know what time you should allocate for each section. So, what should you do in such a case? 

 Just get the information that you need to get in the beginning. Mostly, students are already aware of the paper pattern. Still, to get more insight into it, look at the instructions of each section. Looking into the questions makes you think about every one of these and you get confused. So, avoid looking at them until it is their turn to be attempted.  

Don’t talk to other people before the exam

Talking to your classmates or other people who are there to attempt the same exam is not a good idea. They might talk about certain topics that you do not think you have read. It is better to leave that topic instead of starting looking at it at the last point. It will make you confused about the topics that you already have prepared. It is a psychological process that you start thinking about the topic and doubting whether you have prepared it or if you remember all the important details even when you have prepared for it. So, it is better to rely on your knowledge than talk to others before the exam.

Don’t look around during the test

The girl sitting beside you is demanding more sheets, the guy in the next row has started writing right away, and the person next to him seems so confident about the paper. This is what you come up with when you look around during an exam. So, the better option is not to look around. You can never judge their knowledge by the appearances and asking for more sheets does not necessarily mean they are attempting it better. 

So, just take care of your exam, manage your time, and believe in yourself during the exam. Don’t let others panic you because you can attempt the exam if you have prepared it well. The only condition is not to panic.

Take a deep breath and compose yourself

Deep breathing helps calm the nerves. When you are deciding the strategy to solve each section, take a deep breath as if you are collecting your powers to solve them. It will make you a little more confident about it. Never start attempting the paper right away. Give yourself two to three minutes to decide which parts you are going to solve first and how much time will each part get. This will make you believe your capabilities of doing it. So, start your exam after composing yourself. 

Plan every question before you start attempting

When you are in the middle of the question and realize you have a few minutes left for it and it is going nowhere, this is where you start panicking. So, instead of just starting a question, plan it and draw a structure of some important points for it. This way, you will not give it more time than what you decided. Also, you will be aware of where it is going and where it has to end. 

Look at the bigger picture

When exam anxiety does not let you relax, look at the bigger picture of your life. I mean, is this exam or some questions of an exam are going to affect or define the whole of your life? Not at all and if you think so, you need to change your beliefs. Even if this exam does not turn out to be great, you have many opportunities lying ahead. This thought will calm your nerves and help with anxiety. 


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