Sindh Madressatul Islam University’s Character-Building Society (SMIU) observed the World Amateur Radio Day by organising an awareness session at its Senate Hall.

The event was attended by prominent members of the Pakistan Amateur Radio Society’s (PARS) Karachi Chapter included Mr. Muhammad Salman, Mr. Kashif Mukhtar, Mr. Rehan Ali, Mr. Jawaid Mughal and Mr. Taimur Mughal. SMIU’s faculty and students also attended the event.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Basit Hassan, Patron of Character-Building Society and a faculty member of SMIU emphasized upon the importance of the good character in the nation building. He said the World Amateur Radio Day is being observed worldwide on April 18 every year. This year’s theme was “Human Safety for All.”

He said that the operators of the amateur radio can help the people in any emergency situation by communicating with other people through amateur radio service.

Mr. Muhammad Salman, Regional Coordinator for PARS, said the PARS is dedicated to promoting the use of Amateur Radio as a hobby as well as to prepare the amateur radio operators in case of a disaster and an emergency. He said the members of PARS participated in the rescue efforts during the 2005 earthquake as well as during the 2010 floods.

Mr. Muhammad Salman encouraged the students to pursue the hobby and participate in various national and international amateur radio competitions and events.

He also mentioned that under ARISS, a program of NASA, a school is selected each week to let the students worldwide talk directly with the crew members of the International Space Station using amateur radio technology.

The awareness session was followed by a practical demonstration of various equipment, such as UHF and VHF radios, that are commonly used by amateur radio operators. The students were encouraged to use the devices to understand the working of the equipment. The students from various departments of SMIU participated in the event and shown keen interest in using the technology.

On the occasion certificates and shields were presented to the members of PARS Karachi Chapter and the audience were presented with commemorative bookmarks especially designed for the event.

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