Sindh Madressatul Islam University (SMIU) has participated in the two-day Research and Technology Showcase 2022, held at Expo Centre, Karachi on Friday and Saturday- May 19 and 20. SMIU showcased its three projects of android apps at the exhibition, which were Highway App, Crops Disease Detection and ApkaCare App.

The projects were appreciated by the leading universities and major industry players of Sindh. Vice-Chancellor of SMIU Prof Dr Mujeebuddin Sahrai Memon and faculty members have congratulated the faculty members Mr  Muhammad Ameen Chhajro, Ms  Saima Sippy and Ms Syeda Wajiha Naim for successfully supervising and finalizing the projects and guiding their talented students Mr Shahbaz Khan, Ms Ayesha Khalid, Ms Seema Sikander, Mr Daniyal Khan, and Mr Hamza Asghar for showcasing their projects.

It was Pakistan’s first Expo for advancement of research and commercialization culture and facilitating the industry-Academia Collaboration. This mega-event was a joint venture of NEDUET and the Sindh Higher Education Commission (SHEC). Over 340 commercialization-ready research and technology products developed by more than 32 universities were displayed in the exhibition.

SMIU’s students project “Highway App” was a GPS application with a built-in React Native for nearest places finder for the tourists and travelers on one click. In case of any emergency like accident or any needs of police station user can get location on one click. It also provides a service to easily find the nearest places includes Fuel Pumps (petrol pumps, CNG and diesels pumps), transport stations (bus stops, airport and railway stations), food (hotels, fruits, pizza and burger), stay (restaurants, cafe), shopping (malls, market stores, mobile shops, books), vehicle (car wash stations, mechanic, puncture shop), prayer places (mosques) and emergency (police stations, fire brigade, clinic) etc. This project was prepared by student of SMIU’s computer science department Shahbaz Khan, and supervisor was Mr Mohammad Ameen Chhajro.

The second project was “Crops Disease Detection”.  It was Artificial Intelligence based android app, which was built in React Native for health status of plants to enhance Pakistan’s economy. This real time plant disease recognition app would deliver accurate information about plants. It will reduce the huge work of monitoring in big crop fields and in early stages, detects symptoms of disease. This project was prepared by Ayesha Khalid, a student of Computer Science and project supervisor was Ms. Saima Sippy.

The third project of SMIU was “ApkaCare”, It was also an android app about maintaining patient medical history by uploading their medical reports so that they can easily get such reports whenever they need. This application can also assist the medical industry including medical laboratories for testing, charges and location issues as well as requiring blood etc.  It also can support a patient by providing online doctors’ consultation to him/her including the first aid treatments, before reaching the hospital.

This project was jointly prepared by Seema Sikander, Daniyal Khan and Hamza Asghar, students of Department of Computer Science and the supervisor was Ms. Wajiha Naim.

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