Social Activist Joshua Dilawar Representing Pakistan At APCRSHR10


Joshua Dilawar, a social activist from Lahore will be representing Pakistan at the youth steering 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive, Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR10) conference. Dilawar who is known for his passion to train and educate the younger generation and conducts theatre performances and interactive sessions on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), will be assisting the  international organising team of the conference  in their youth-centric activities and programmes at the conference.

Dilawar is also the founder of the Institute for Social and Youth Development and has been involved in numerous projects related to capacity-building, health awareness, advocacy and youth development and creating spaces for youth engagement. He was also a part of the 120 Under 40 – Bill and Melinda Gates Institute’s Family Planning Young Leader, Women Deliver Young Leader, Youth Champion and SPEAK! Champion 2019.

APCRSHR10 is a conference that believes in “broadening and influencing good policies and good practices for SRHR, enabling marginalized and disadvantaged people with a better environment in which to exercise their rights” and to share evidence-based practices in advocacy, policy, financing, governance and accountability. APCRSHR consists of three organizing committees’ including an international steering committee, youth steering committee and national steering committee.

The youth steering committee (YSC) is one of the three organizing committees of the 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive, Sexual Health and Rights (APCRSHR10). YSC works closely with the two organizing committees, the national steering committee (NSC) and the international steering committee (ISC).YSC is composed of seven to nine national members from Cambodia, and seven international members from Asia Pacific countries including Joshua Dilawar from Pakistan.

These committees are working together for preparing and executing the conference objectives, programme, and activities before and during the conference scheduled to be held on May 2020 in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC), the leading SRHR organization with which MoH has engaged in numerous productive partnerships over the last two decades, is serving as the Convenor of the conference.

Joshua is actively working with the international organizing team for the last four months and is representing the youth of Pakistan at this prestigious platform.

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