Son of a slain professor writes open letter to Bilawal


This is Muhammad Hassan Auj, a medical officer at the University of Karachi. I am also an elected president of the Karachi University Officer’s Association and a member Syndicate of the University of Karachi.

I would like to bring to your attention an officer of the varsity who is also associated with the Pakistan Peoples’ Party and Peoples’ Student Federation on the evening of June 02, 2022, when I was sitting in the waiting area of the VC office with my another officer, the alleged officer entered the VC Office without permission and harassed and misbehaved with her, he was accompanied by the PSF workers, who are enrolled in various departments of the varsity, and demanded that he should be awarded BPS-18 without Selection Board, and after few minutes he left the premises in anger after and soon brought 10-12 PSF activists in her Office.

The CCTV footage could be used as evidence in this regard. If you called me for the investigation of this unpleasant incident or would like to discuss on this issue, I will surely name those culprits involved in the unfortunate incident that shouldn’t take place in any educational institute anywhere in the world and particularly in our beloved country.

The same person (Officer) had been involved in blackmailing and threatening different employees during last 10 years and also threats the KU administration that he would harm himself if his demands are not accepted by the management of the University of Karachi.

Respected Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, I am sorry to say how PPP can win the hearts and support of educated faculty and employees of the University of Karachi or any other higher education institutions if such person(s) represents PPP who has no ethics and is a pure harasser.

I, myself, had differences with the former administration on different issues, but never misbehaved with them nor took my association for such cowardly act and will never do that in future as this is not a way to fight for your case and in this case, the alleged person is trying to violate all the rules and regulations mentioned in the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Sindh Government and KU Code Book.

As you know, no one can misbehave, harass, or break the decorum be they Karachi University Teachers’ Society, Karachi University Employees Welfare Association, or Karachi University Officers Welfare Association, any employees or officers’ group, nor any student organizations be they Islami Jamait Talaba, All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization, PSF, Imamia Students Organization or any other group, period. I was told that I should not be getting into this as administration and employees of KU are scared of him and doesn’t want to report.

Being the son of a martyr Dr Shakil Auj Shaheed, who was never afraid of any threats and stood on his ground, I am also following in the footsteps of my father. I know, I will be harassed, blackmailed or even filth will be thrown at me in every possible way, yet being Syndicate Member (who is also custodian of University of Karachi) and president of officers, I felt it is my duty to stand against this act.

I humbly request you to kindly take this matter at earliest and play your role in maintaining peaceful environment in one of the largest public sector universities of Pakistan.

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