Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) and Aligarh Institute of Technology (AIT) jointly organized the Jalsa Seerat-un-Nabi at the campus that was attended by the Registrar Syed Sarfraz Ali, deans, HODs and a large number of students, faculty, staff and AMUOBA members and other dignitaries. Renowned naat khwan Qari Asad ul Haq and students enthralled the audience with their soul-stirring naat khwani.

Addressing the Jalsa Seerat-un-Nabi, renowned religious scholar Wajid Ali said that this is the era of polarization and the entire Ummah is in crisis. Along with economic decline, moral degradation is also on the rise. Love of the holy Prophet Muhammad (SWW) is the first condition of religion. The Prophet’s love is an asset for the believer that makes him successful in this world and the hereafter. The Prophet has said that your religion will not be complete until your desires are in accordance with the religion that I have introduced to you. The desire is the biggest obstacle between you and God. “Hazrat Musa (AS) once asked Allah Ta’ala how I can reach you? Allah said, Musa, put first step on your desire, the next step you will be near to me”. Knowledge enables you to differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate desires.

The noted scholar Dr Imadul Haq said that our holy prophet has the best ethics. He is a role model in every aspect. The miracle of Muhammad was that he enlightened a society immersed in the worst ignorance with knowledge and established a welfare Islamic state in Madina on the basis of justice and equality, which created a new chapter in human history. That was an ideal welfare state whose foundations were established on the sovereignty of Almighty God and the great principles and practices of humanity.

Mr Wajid Ali offered dua at the end of the Jalsa Seerat-un-Nabi and Noshaba Siddiqui conducted the event beautifully.

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