SSUET holds briefing about flood relief drive

SSUET holds briefing about flood relief drive

SSUET flood relief drive

Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) organized a briefing for the SSUET flood relief drive, in which they informed about the relief activities of Sir Syed University.

Private Secretary, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh, Shahbaz Ur Rahman Khan, said that I will not defend the existing system because the system of the state is a continuation, a collective effort. However, the people of Karachi are doing remarkable work, and their efforts to help the flood victims are commendable. Despite high inflation, economic and social hardships, the people of Karachi city are generously helping the flood victims. Sir Syed University is also playing an important role in the welfare drive.

Member of the Governing Body of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) Sindh, Engr Muhammad Yusuf Qaimkhani said that teachers and students of Sir Syed University are worthy of praise and are actively participating in the relief activities. They are helping the people who are badly affected by the floods. I hope that all flood relief items will reach the flood victims.

Vice Chancellor of Sir Syed University, Prof Dr Vali Uddin said that there is a possibility of heavy rain in the future due to the global change in the climate. There are two reasons for climate change in Pakistan. On one hand, the temperature of the Arabian Sea is rising rapidly, and secondly, glaciers in the north of the country are melting, which are a major source of flooding.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) was formed to deal with floods, earthquake like catastrophes and to keep safe from the effects of natural disasters, but no comprehensive and integrated strategy was seen. The conditions that prevailed during the flood of 2010 still persist due to which the destruction was more horrible than before this time. There was no comprehensive planning, nor was there any effective role from the relevant institutions.

The drainage system was a total failure. The purpose for which the institutions are formed should be given priority.

He pointed out that universities need to play their role in the present perspective. Sir Syed University plans to organize different seminars to highlight the issue, and how to prevent the adversities of natural disasters with collaborated efforts of other universities including NED University.

Making use of modern technology and research outcomes, a comprehensive and integrated strategy should be designed to control the floodwater and divert it towards the sea while saving the population.

Registrar Syed Sarfraz Ali said that nations are identified with the work they do for the people in bad times. Sir Syed University has established a flood relief camp to collect essential items for the flood victims. We are collaborating with different NGOs and institutions to rehabilitate and provide cheap houses for flood victims.

General Secretary of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association (AMUOBA) Pakistan, Engineer Muhammad Arshad Khan said that welfare work is like worshiping and kind deeds. God loves those who love humankind. The teachers and students of Sir Syed University are doing a commendable job to help the people affected by the floods with full zeal and diligence.

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