SSUET organized the Sir Syed Day Event

SSUET organized the Sir Syed Day Event

SSUET Sir Syed Day

A thought-provoking event was organized by Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association (AMUOBA) and Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) to mark the birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in which prominent scholars and researchers of the country participated and shed light on various aspects of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s personality and services.

Addressing the seminar, the Chief Guest, eminent businessman and philanthropist Bashir Jan Muhammad said that we need skilled people in every field. I have been raising voice for free education and also for establishing a series of academic institutions across the country where children from every sect of society would get free education. In the western world, education and medical treatment is free for all. We should also establish such a system in our country.

Speaking on this occasion, Chancellor of Sir Syed University, Javaid Anwar said that we are the followers of a great visionary Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, who changed the history of the subcontinent and brought about a revolutionary change in the subcontinent. He took a lead of the Muslim nation when they were scattered and in a very bad situation economically and politically. He was the founder of Bi-nation theory that paved way for the formation of Pakistan.

Chancellor Jawaid Anwar pointed out that Sir Syed University has made unprecedented progress in academic, research, and extra-curricular activities. In recognition of its outstanding performance in the academic sector, Sir Syed University has recently been bestowed with the Brand of the Year Award. Sir Syed University was also given the Pakistan’s Best Engineering University Award by the Chief Executive Club Network. Foundation stone was recently laid to 10-storey Academic, Research and Library Block at the campus to meet the demand of excessive number of students and technologies.

On this occasion, he announced that soon, Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association and Sir Syed University, would give posthumously The Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Peace Award to the renowned scientist Dr. Abdul Quadeer Khan.

Renowned scholar Professor Abu Sufyan Islahi said that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was the benefactor of the nation. Sir Syed was clear and transparent about his thoughts and doctrines. He was of the view that accusations should be answered with intellectual arguments, logical proofs, and undeniable evidences.

Noted thinker Muhammad Islam Nishtar said that every person understood the message of Sir Syed according to his mindset, nature, and surroundings. Today we are forced to send our children abroad to get higher and contemporary education. If we had understood Sir Syed’s concern and listened to him, today the children of foreign countries would have come here to gain knowledge just like the people of Europe used to come to Muslims to get education in the past.

Prof Dr Imadul Haque said that Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had an entrepreneur mindset. Knowing his target and mission, and sure of his success, he made a considerable strategy with the right selection of associates and assistants. He visited England to know the secret of success and progress of the British. Then he came to know that key to British success is education. Prof. Dr. Arshad Rizvi said that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan had discovered the formula for establishing a good relationship with the colonial rulers. The cause of all evils and shortcomings is ignorance.

Presenting vote of thanks, Muhammad Arshad Khan, General Secretary of Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys Association, said that the nations who forget their history, in return history forgets them. Empty words will do nothing, we need to be practical and make concrete efforts for progress and success. Today we are in a same situation where the Muslim nation stood in the era of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan after 1857 debacle – disintegrated and disgraced. Present time demands to follow the footsteps of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to regain dignity and pride.

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