SSUET signed MoUs with P@SHA and IAMKARACHI


Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pakistan Software Houses Association, Islamabad to generate data, information, images, interviews, videos, content, analysis, reports and documentaries on the academia-industry linkage.

Each Party will cooperate with each of the other Parties to generate data, information and reports on the project on a periodic basis. Each Party will be entitled to disseminate data, information images, interviews, videos, content, analysis, reports and documentaries on the project on a periodic basis through appropriate channels, including through printed, media reports, documentaries, and participation in seminars and events.

Both the Parties agreed to set down the terms and conditions in order to collaborate for and implementation of an industry-driven course on “Web Engineering” to increase industry readiness of students and come-up with a pilot to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

The software house will provide support as ‘Industry Partner’ on the lab examination certificate and will also facilitate to connect industry and academia. Also, the software house will create the success story from the pilot program and to replicate the model in other universities.

Another Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology and IAMKARACHI (IAK) for the Women Peace Fellowship in Karachi’s universities as IAK Fellowship Program.

IAK Fellowship Program has six weeks’ duration and it will commence from 3rd week of October 2021. First two weeks of IAK Fellowship Program will be conducted online and rest of the program will be held in-person subjected to the COVID SOPs. The program will continue for 3 hours on each day of every weekend.

IAK will provide seed money up to Rs 50,000 to each group of 5 students who will put forward a sustainable and innovative Social Action Plan (SAP) along with two months incubation to develop Social Action Project.

The Fellowship comprises 45 female students and up to 15 women, students can be registered at SSUET to undergo for IAK Fellowship Program

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