STEM activities for middle school kids

STEM activities for middle school kids

STEM activities for school kids

The term STEM is progressively becoming an important part of the education world. STEM subjects play a vital role in every child’s life. STEM subjects are a crucial part of a child’s education in the present as well as the future. It helps to develop the minds of kids and provoke curiosity in young minds. STEM education is increasing in more schools and these institutions are implementing STEM learning in their curriculum because very soon, most careers will be centered around STEM fields. In this article, we have listed some interesting yet fun STEM activities for middle school kids.

1. Paper roller coasters

Who doesn’t love roller coasters? This fun STEM challenge has students use paper, tape and card stock to build their own roller coaster. So, how would you know if your roller coasters are successful? After building the roller coaster, you will roll a marble from the starting location and see if it makes it to the end. This is quite a fun project and students will be amazed how many engineering skills are required to build all these fun rides.

2. Leaning tower of pasta

Have students practice their engineering skills with this fun activity using pasta or marshmallows. In this way, the students will learn everything about tension and compression as they will try to build the tallest and strongest structures.

3. I breathe what?

This is one of the best science and engineering activities out there. Students will build pollution detectors to place in different areas to determine the number of different pollutants, be it pollen, dust or any other pollution in the air. They will hypothesize what causes the differences and explain why engineers look at particulate matter while observing air quality.

4. I scream for ice cream

Who knew there was science involved in making ice cream? All you require is a small sealable bag, pour in some milk, vanilla extract, sugar and seal it shut. Take another bag, pour ice cubes and lots of salt. Now, put the smaller bag into the big one. Take an oven mitt and shake it for a few minutes, carefully observing the changes in the texture of the small bag. With this experiment, students will learn about the effects salt has on ice and everything about melting and freezing and chemistry basics, phases of matter.

5. Toothpick bridge

Another creative engineering project is the toothpick bridge project. Given only glue and toothpicks, students are expected to build bridges. They can earn extra points if their bridge is stronger and can hold a lot of weight.

6. Candy crystals

This activity will surely be a hit among the students. This STEM activity only requires a few ingredients and is very simple to do. Students will surely be amazed as they will watch their candy crystals grow.

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