Strict action against corruption within municipal institutions including education to be launched

Strict action against corruption within municipal institutions including education to be launched

corruption within municipal institutions

In a resolute move to combat widespread corruption within municipal institutions including its education department across Sindh, authorities and law enforcement agencies have joined forces to launch a comprehensive campaign targeting those involved in corrupt practices.

The decision follows a surge of corruption, kickbacks, commissions, and fraudulent activities observed from 2020 to 2022, which led to the embezzlement of billions of rupees especially in the education department. The operation, which has been set into motion, aims to bring administrators, municipal commissioners, appointed supervising engineers, XENs, establishment directors, and officers from the accounts department to justice.

These officials are suspected of playing a role in the misappropriation of funds through corrupt means. They have been ordered to compile relevant data and submit it within a span of two days. Two prominent figures have been newly appointed to spearhead this drive against corruption.

Chief Minister Sindh, Justice (R) Maqbool Baqar, and Governor Sindh are leading the charge, demonstrating an unwavering determination to address the elements that have wreaked havoc, particularly in Karachi. Chief Minister of Sindh reiterated, “No one will escape accountability.”

In an effort to restore transparency and accountability, a list of individuals involved in embezzlement is expected to be revealed by Tuesday. The government has also issued stringent directives against complacent officers, making it clear that negligence will not be tolerated. Governor Sindh emphasized through official channels that “inefficient officers will face consequences.”

Following a temporary pause, a province-wide anti-corruption operation is set to kick off across Sindh, signaling a renewed commitment to curbing corruption, as confirmed by Governor Sindh. Governor Sindh reassured that the operation exclusively targets corrupt individuals, assuring that dedicated and competent officers have no reason to worry.

A promise of transparency extends to the past as well, as detailed information regarding the reappointment of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and anti-corruption personnel will be disclosed.”The scoffers of the law will now bear its weight,” stated the Chief Minister of Sindh.

With a meticulous approach, each file and note sheet will undergo thorough scrutiny to ensure precision. Correct decisions will be endorsed, while any misconduct will be promptly addressed, as stated by Governor Sindh, Kamran Khan Tessori. Governor Sindh firmly concluded, “Enough is enough; the status quo will change.”

The anti-corruption campaign stands as a testament to the government’s resolve to eliminate corruption and uphold transparency, signaling a new era of accountability in Sindh.

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