Students and faculty show disapproval over LUMS fee hike


LUMS has raised its fee by thirteen percent for the courses and hostels and there has been a backlash against this hike on Twitter where students and faculty have shown their disapproval against the decision.

According to the new fee, students will have to pay 26,910 rupees per credit hour which was 23,760 before the fee hike.  The dues of hostels have also been raised to over 60,000. A social activist and a faculty member, Nida Kirmani, in her tweet said that the classes are getting bigger which is impacting her teaching. She said, ‘I have seen my classes get bigger every year, which impacts my teaching; I see the abysmal salaries of lower staff while also watching as unnecessary renovations are made throughout the campus. This is leading to growing resentment amongst faculty and students.’

Meanwhile, Ali Hasanain, a faculty member at LUMS replied to student complaints and said that if students are against this decision, they should discuss where the cuts can be made without affecting the education quality. He tweeted, ‘A fee hike lower than inflation requires making cuts. Rather than asking admin to wish inflation away, students should engage in a conversation on where cuts can be made without reducing the quality of education.’

He further said that LUMS could lower its costs but that requires ‘guttling projects, centers, departments, even Schools.’

Well, to this opinion an asst Professor Sanval Nasim, came up and said that grad programs do not offer the quality education that LUMS promises. It is known only the undergrad education, he said. Sanval Nasim tweeted in response to Ali Hasanain’s tweet, ‘Unpopular opinion but got to gut a lot of the useless grad programs. LUMS has always been known for its solid undergrad education-that’s what it’s known for globally. You won’t get this sort of undergrad education anywhere in Pakistan.’ He further said, ‘grad programs haven’t worked out-scrap them.’

In the comments, many people tweeted their disapproval about the low quality of graduate programs. With all these fee hikes, if universities cannot offer quality education, what are the students paying for? Ali Hasanain further said in reply to Nasim’s tweet, ‘In general, a university run on student tuition should only keep programs that pay for themselves.’ ‘We can’t raise ambitions before endowments,’ he added.

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