SU faculty returns from Malaysia after PhD completion


A faculty member Dr. Pervaiz Ali Mahesar has returned home after completing his PhD from the University of Malaya, Malaysia.

After his joining at the department of political science, Dr. Pervaiz Mahesar called on the Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro at his office. On the occasion, the Vice-Chancellor saw his doctorate degree and handed it over to him.

Dr. Pervez Ali Mahesar told the Vice-Chancellor that he conducted his research on the topic titled “Chinese Soft Power and the Proliferation of China Studies in Pakistan” adding that he had 21 research papers as yet in his credit which had been published in national and international journals.

Dr. Kalhoro on the occasion directed him to focus on quality research along with providing higher education in his field after completion of his PhD. He said that the researcher must play a pivotal role in producing M.Phil and Ph.D scholars so that the ranking of the university might be further improved.

It may be noted that Dr Mahesar is an assistant professor at the department of political science, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

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