Sindh University’s spokesman Nadir Ali Mugheri has said that the decision to increase fees for M.Phil and PhD programs had been taken by the university syndicate which could not be taken back.

He said that the semester fee of M.Phil was only Rs. 34,000 after slight increase, which would be just Rs. 5666 per month, while there were many schools in Jamshoro charging fees of up to Rs 12,000 per month even from KG and primary children. No one protests against those schools, he added.

In a press statement issued here on Monday, the spokesman further said that those who wanted to pursue higher degrees at the University of Sindh had to pay only Rs 34,000 per semester which is equiavlent to just Rs. 5666 per month.

“There is no discount in M.Phil and PhD fees in any University of Pakistan but the University of Sindh is still subsidizing higher education”, he said.

The spokesperson said that the real scholars had nothing to do with the protest and such other negative activities but those who were not even enrolled were being used by some rivals of the institution.

He said that the increase in M.Phil and PhD fees was necessary in accordance with the current financial situation of the university and that the syndicate accorded its approval regarding slight increase in M.Phil and PhD fees after thorough consideration of the monetary condition of the institution.

“Everyone must respect the decisions of the syndicate, because the most respected personalities are part of this august forum”, he maintained.

Sharing a good-tide with the M.Phil and PhD scholars, the spokesperson said that the Higher Education Commission Sindh had sought details of the researchers enrolled at the University of Sindh and said that it intended to give scholarships to all of them.

He termed the decision of Sindh HEC as “a very good omen” for scholars and said that earlier, it provided as many as 10 M.Phil and PhD scholars with scholarships of Rs. 230,000.

The spokesperson advised the newly selected scholars for admissions to M.Phil and PhD in various disciplines to deposit their admission fees forthwith so that their names might be sent to Sindh HEC.

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