SU Vice-Chancellor takes notice of fight between female students

SU Vice-Chancellor takes notice of fight between female students

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The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sindh Jamshoro Professor Dr. Muhammad Siddique Kalhoro has taken notice of the ordinary quarrel between two female students over the issue of cooking in Marvi Girls Hostel and ordered to install additional stoves at the safe places in the hostels in order to facilitate the girls to cook their food without any dispute in future.

According to the SU spokesman, one female student was cooking rice on the stove, when another girl came over and asked her to take off her pan so that she may start cooking her food. On this occasion, the first hostler student did not take down the pot as saying that the rice didn’t boil properly. He said this led to a quarrel between the two students, but the provost hostels summoned both of them and resolved the issue.

The spokesperson further said when the matter came to light; the Vice-Chancellor took its notice and ordered the concerned quarters to install additional stoves at safe places in corridors of the hostels.

He said after the notice taken by the Vice-Chancellor, the additional stoves with proper gas connections would be installed forthwith even tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday) so that the students could do their own cooking hassle-free.

He said that there was an exquisite canteen in the girls’ dormitory for female students, where quality food was available at subsidized rates and affordable prices.

He said as many as 2 hostel students could have lunch or dinner at a cost of only 60 rupees adding that the food rates were being fixed in consultation with the canteen contractors and Provost Marvi Hostel.

According to the spokesperson, the two girls have reconciled after Provost’s intervention and there is no issue between them now.

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