A deadly suicide bombing on an education and tuition centre in the Afghan capital left at least 48 people dead on Wednesday, the latest in a series of deadly attacks that have hit the country in recent months.

The cause of education in Pakistan and Afghanistan has suffered immensely over the past decade, with militants fighting the US forces in Afghanistan and Pakistani Army in the Tribal Areas regularly targeting schools, colleges and universities to assert their presence.

The attack was carried out in a Shia majority region of Kabul. The Taliban denied involvement in the attack. However, the group has had a long history of attacking schools and other educational set ups. An Afghan police spokesman said the launched the attack on foot and detonated himself inside the Kabul tuition centre.

Reports said the facility was used as a tuition centre and many of those killed were teenagers taking additional classes while preparing for entrance exams at universities. The students present at time of the attack including girls as well, with a Shia community leader of the area saying it could have been a motive behind the attack.

An international media outlet reported Jawad Ghawari, a member of the city’s Shia clerical council, as saying that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group was to blame for the attack, ISIS has carried similar attacks on mosques, schools and cultural centres in the past as well.

The group claimed responsibility for the attack on Thursday.


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