SC Bench Hints at Closing, Nationalizing Private Schools


Supreme court of Pakistan’s (SC) three-judge bench under the headship of Justice Gulzar Ahamd has hinted that the government can take over private schools or even close them. The remarks were made while hearing the ongoing case against private school fees and the disdainful language used in the letter written to SC by two well-known private schools. The letter addressed the honorable Justice Asif Saeed Khosa the Chief Justice of Pakistan, in a very deprecating tone. The letter is already observed as a contempt of court, however, the private school’s counsel said that the intent was uncontaminated.

“The school administration did not intend to disrespect the honorable court and the judge. The schools have implemented the [court’s] order in its true sense and have decreased the tuition fee.”

Justice Gulzar Ahmed further added that private schools not only ruined the soul of holy profession by turning it into a business commodity. Justice Ijazul Ahsan criticized private school authorities and said, “How did you have the audacity to term the court’s decision “a draconian judgment”. Your letters to parents are in contempt of court.” and added, “Schools are not a money-making industry.”

After then the court adjourned the hearing of the case for the next two weeks.

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