Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University of Law (SZABUL) Karachi is facing a number of challenges due to the vacant position of Vice-Chancellor (VC). The absence of a permanent VC has created a state of uncertainty that is affecting students, staff, and the university’s overall functionality.

One of the most significant challenges is the lack of clear decision-making authority within the university. This has led to operational chaos, with routine administrative tasks being delayed or halted altogether. For example, the disbursement of salaries to university staff has become a contentious issue, with delays causing financial hardships.

Another challenge is the impact on PhD students. The establishment of an Advance Studies and Research Board is required to facilitate the final viva vice for their advanced degrees. However, without this board in place, the academic journeys of these students remain incomplete, leaving them in a state of uncertainty regarding their future prospects and research progress.

The previous Vice-Chancellor was granted a temporary extension in March 2017 to continue leading the institution until the appointment of a permanent successor. However, with no clear timeline provided for the appointment process, questions about the future leadership of the university remain unanswered.

Faculty, students, and concerned stakeholders are calling upon the Sindh government to expedite the appointment of a new Vice-Chancellor to restore stability and functionality to SZABUL. They emphasize the critical role this leadership position plays in the university’s ability to fulfill its mission of providing quality legal education and fostering advanced research in the field of law.

As the situation at the university intensifies, the need for a swift resolution becomes more apparent. The fate of not only the institution but also the dreams and aspirations of its students and staff hang in the balance as they await a new leader to guide them towards a brighter future.

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