E Magazine Issue 13 April 2020

Bullying By Teachers? Yes, It Happens All The Time

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Can teachers ever be bullies? Can teachers ever cause mental trauma to a student? Can students get fed up with school all together.

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Twitterati Storm Hits LUMS Again

By  Staff Reporter #LUMS,  remained Friday’s top trend on twitter after a student shared his experience of bullying by his peers,  and staff of.

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University Reviews

Bullying in Pakistan: A guide for students to avoid being a victim of bullying at educational institutes

Bullying in educational institutes is a concerning issues in almost every country of the world, but unfortunately the malaise receives little or no attention.

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Family, School Support Vital For Children To Act Against Bullying

Young people who share close ties with their family members are more likely to act against bullying or aggressive behaviour in school, a latest.

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