Eugene Rogan


LAHORE: Noted historian at Oxford University Eugene Rogan has said that education is need of the current era.

He was addressing the session ‘Our Neighbours to the West’ along with Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh on the day three of Lahore Literary Festival (LLF) 2019 here on Sunday.

“I think today education as fighting tool in social engineering for a state,” the historian said.

Eugene was of the view that challenge for the education system is not just to enable people to have the necessary skills for economic reasons but to devise a school system that will protect what remains of the cultural and linguistic tourism.

While replying to a question, he said travel is the middle-class phenomenon the nature of travel depends on the class. “Pakistanis have travelled the Arabic world not as tourist destination. Young Pakistanis have travelled to Europe as land of opportunities,” Eugene said.

Italian scholar of South Asian Literature University of London Francesca Orsini while addressing a session ‘Reading in Multilingual Societies’ said South Asia is rich in literature. She said that history of language says that language is the identity of the nation,” Francesca said.

“Urdu is not language of the Lucknow which is usually perceived by people as it was not spoken in the Lucknow only. For me the language is ladder to go up socially and economically because is the key to social and economic progress,” Francesca explained.