Mahrukh Nadeem


The new year often brings in new hope and renewed resolve to set one’ own house in order. But the motivation is often fleeting. Mahrukh Nadeem writes how you can stay focused on your goals in 2020 and be in a better position to finally get the goals you have been failing to achieve for the past many years.

LETTER What is your resolution for 2020? Have you set any goals for the New Year? Maybe you have skipped the thought of goal setting as you have never been able to accomplish them? We all have been into this making and breaking of New Year resolutions, haven’t we? As soon as the New Year approaches, we all look back analyzing our past year, looking at our achievements, our failures, our habits and our routines. After scrutinizing our past year thoroughly, we usually pen down, or draft mentally, the new habits we want to adopt, changes we want to instill in our lives, making note of all the resolutions we want to stick to in the upcoming year by making a new start. We all want best for ourselves, and the New Year is an opportunity to start fresh with more enthusiasm and motivation.But what really happens to all of us is that this zeal and zest fades away quite quickly and we fall out of our newly acquired habits, start neglecting our goals and are unable to keep up with our resolutions. But why is it so hard to stick to our resolutions? Why can’t we keep account of our new habits? And what are the ways that can help us in understanding our behavior towards our goals and resolutions.