Tang Pakistan Orchestrates Remarkable Dragon Boat Festival


TANG Pakistan, a distinguished ed-tech SAAS company rooted in China, proudly organized the Dragon Boat Festival that captivated attendees with its profound display of Chinese culture seamlessly interwoven with the spirit of friendship and compassion between Pakistan and China.

This awe-inspiring event took place on 17th June 2023 in Islamabad, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those in attendance. Gracing the occasion as the esteemed Chief Guest was Engineer Liaquat Ali Jamro, from Sindh TEVTA, whose presence served as a testament to the significance of this cultural exchange. Furthermore, the event was graced by the Director of the Nust China Study Center, Ms. Xiangyang, who delivered a succinct and enlightening introduction to the historical origins of the Dragon Boat Festival, offering attendees a glimpse into its rich heritage.

Adding an enchanting melodic charm to the festivities, Mr Max Ma and Mr Yasir Zoraiz delighted the audience with their stunning performances, showcasing beautiful songs in Chinese and Urdu. Their soulful renditions promoted friendship between Pakistan and China and embodied the harmonious symphony that arises when two cultures intertwine.
The talented ensemble from the Rang Music and Art School performed stirring Pakistani Classical music, illuminating Pakistani culture’s profound depths to our esteemed Chinese friends.

The festival exemplified the power of cultural exchange, transcending boundaries through a remarkable amalgamation of delectable cuisine, exquisite art, soul-stirring music, and inspiring speeches. Attendees were left with lasting memories, cherishing the beautiful camaraderie forged between the Pakistani and Chinese communities.

Tang Pakistan takes immense pride in fostering such a vibrant cultural exchange, creating awareness of the rich tapestry of Chinese heritage and facilitating a deep understanding between nations. This Dragon Boat Festival stood as a testament to the enduring spirit of friendship and compassion that binds Pakistan and China together.

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