Pupils remain in constant need of motivation and appreciation by instructors in order to keep striving to overcome obstacles that impede their progress towards learning. However, many forget that the pupils are only as eager to learn as teachers are willing to impart the knowledge. Which is why encouraging teachers who engage in this noble profession becomes even more critical for ensuring that students of today become agents of true change in the society tomorrow.

The lesson appears close to heart of The Citizens Foundation – the largest private not-for-profit schooling system in Pakistan. The foundation, which is working to remove class and financial barriers to impart quality education to underprivileged children across the country, held its annual Teachers’ Awards in Karachi the other day to commend the dedication of its teachers and principals.

The event in Karachi was the culmination of a series of award ceremonies held in major cities across Pakistan that recognised teachers for their dedication to the profession and TCF’s cause.

More than 4,000 teachers, principals, staff and management officials from schools in Karachi and interior Sindh attended the event that was presided over by TCF CEO Syed Asaad Ayub Ahmad. Awards were presented to teachers who exhibited the best performance over the year in three categories – Service and Attendance awards, Teacher Competency awards and Board/Matriculation awards.

Appreciating the work of teachers, TCF CEO Ahmed said the foundation owed its success to its teachers. “A good teacher can build a future of a child and change his life for the better. A good principal can run a school with discipline and empathy for her students, guiding them in the right direction as and when needed. All the principals and teachers associated with TCF that I have come across are resilient and inspiring to say the least.”

He commended that the TCF staff invested a “great deal of time in their students to not just impart knowledge but also contribute to teaching the moral values”.

The foundation that began operations in 1995 employs 12,000 female teachers and principals across its growing network of 1,441 schools in Pakistan that provide low cost, but quality education to over 200,000 students. The foundation is in constant need of friends who wish to further its goals of providing education to children from underprivileged families. Visit the TCF website to find out how you can help see contribute towards education in Pakistan.

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