Teachers’ role is more important in nation-building, says KU VC


The role of teachers is of utmost importance in nation-building and development. No one can deny the role of the teacher in shaping societies. But unfortunately in our country, teachers are not treated well and given the place they are entitled to.

We all need to work together for the betterment and development of our university as we all are connected to it and the future of our young generation depends on how we work collectively to give them the best as a teacher and an employee.

These views were expressed by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi while addressing the Annual Dinner hosted by the Karachi University Teachers’ Society at the Staff Club of the university.

He mentioned that research is the foundation of knowledge, and nations cannot move forward without progressing in the field of research. He emphasized that the provision of resources for research is necessary as research is not possible without resources.

He informed the audience that the Danes Research Grants are in the final stages and hopefully it will soon be released. The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi shared that the government from time to time announces increments in salaries, pensions, and other allowances but does not ensure the provision of grants due to which the universities face a financial deficit.

“I am happy to announce that the Sindh government has approved to increase our grant from Rs613 million to Rs823 million from this year. The grant was increased keeping in view the research and teaching activities and enrollment in the University of Karachi.”

He said that the employees of the University of Karachi would soon get the residential land from the Sindh government. He shared that the provincial chief minister has recently directed the concerned authorities to complete the necessary work to allocate land to our employees on a priority basis.

Meanwhile, the President KUTS Professor Dr Shah Ali Ul Qader presented the annual progress report of the teacher’s association body and expressed that due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year was also quite difficult for the entire nation and hoped the situation will gradually improve over time.

He lauded that KUTS despite different challenges tried its best to perform and do as per the expectations of teachers of the university. He said that teachers have rendered commendable service throughout the year like in previous years.

On this occasion, shields were also presented to the teachers who have completed their PhD degrees in 2021, retired from service, and begin their careers as a teacher.

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