How Has Technology Shaped Modern Education System


Human beings have an innate tendency to acquire knowledge and learn. To fulfill this quest for knowledge, our educational system has been revised many times. Today, modern education is not merely a two-way communication between the teachers and the students, but now includes modern technological assistance. This includes activities like science trivia which are fun and educating at the same time.

Unlike the stereotypical concept of a classroom, a technologically enabled education system can empower students with knowledge more efficiently and effectively. The facilities of computer, software, online educational portals and fun activities like science trivia can all contribute to student’s attention. Hence, technology has enabled students to understand the most complex of concepts with a click on the computer.

With technology making an ever increasing mark on education, here I list some of the ways through which technology has shaped education in today’s world.


Use Of Web-based Tools In Class

Olden day classrooms that only employed a chalk and a blackboard could only offer passive learning. With advances in technology, more and more classrooms are becoming equipped with new learning programs, web-based tools and highly effective software systems. This includes ClassDojo, eduClipper, Kahoot etc. There are numerous other web-tools that assist the teachers in drawing more attention from the students. Moreover, these tools ask for student involvement and engagement. Thanks to such aides, students are no longer passive learners. Modern educational tools have made students greatly involved in the teaching activity and helped improve learning.

 The Introduction Of E-books

There was a time when students had to carry big, bulky bags around that often exhausted students before studies could even begin. With the advancement in technology, the need to carry these heavy bags has been replaced with a mere tablet, computer or phone. The concept of e-books has revolutionized the modern education system. Today, a book having hundreds of pages can be downloaded or read online. Moreover, this also provides an enormous relief to the students monetarily. It is often difficult for many households to meet financial expenditures of education and electronic books have reduced that cost significantly.

Virtual or Interactive Classrooms

Student-teacher discussions were once previously limited to classrooms. All queries regarding a test, a homework or a project were to be discussed in class. However, students today can discuss and interact with their instructor online from anywhere. This has given rise to the idea of virtual classrooms that provide interactive sessions among classmates and teachers without all of them being at a single place. Teachers and students can exchange views, assign tasks and ask for help via this communication channel. There are various platforms which provide us with virtual classrooms including Edmodo, Animoto etc.


Interaction With Learners Around The Globe

Social interactions are very common today around the globe. However, these social interactions are more positive and impacting when utilized effectively. Today, there are web portals that allow more and more learners to interact and communicate with each other, thus providing a valuable opportunity to share and increase each other’s knowledge. There are web portals and online live chat options that aids interactions with scholars, professors, teachers and academics around the globe.


Online Assessment Techniques

With the increase in technology, the normal assessment and grading criterion has also changed. Traditionally, assessments were conducted in class and teacher later graded them after evaluation. With the involvement of technology in the modern education system, more and more teachers use online assessment techniques. These tools include ProProfs, Online Quiz Creator, Classmarker, TopGrade Quiz Maker etc. All these tools can effectively be used to conduct online quizzes and assessments with easy grading and evaluation systems.


Science Trivia

Last but not the least, science trivia is an entertaining and educative way of grasping a student’s attention. With a platform offering various informational questions, students are more likely to take interest in science trivia. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to learn more information by providing learners with quizzes, cool experiments and fun facts from around the globe. These fun activities also include animations, characters and rewards too.

It is quite evident that technology has had a huge impact on the modern education system and learning methodologies. With modern education system and technology moving hand in hand, there are far more prospects of growth of students around the globe than there ever was before.




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