Ten most popular part time jobs for students


Having a part-time job while you are still studying is always a good idea. It will not only help in putting some extra cash in your pocket but also help in improving time management skills and learn one to be more responsible. Many think that having a part-time job is only about earning extra money, but that is not the case. Usually, people who have part-time jobs also have better grades than regular students. Here is a list of part-time jobs for students that pay well and might require less effort.

1. Social Media Manager

We all love spending time on social media platforms so why not use this as a skill by turning into a social media manager? If you think you are great at motivating people through your social media posts, you can become a social media manager. In fact, many companies are hiring social media managers to handle their social media accounts to engage with their viewers and audience. They pay quite well. Social media managers play a vital role in building brand awareness for a company.

2. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist is a person who is required to listen to podcasts, videos or audios and write all the important points down. The key here is to be attentive, concentrate while listening to the audios and be extremely accurate with the information, so you need to pay great attention to details. This job also requires typing a lot faster and being good at time management.

3. Babysitting

Babysitting can be fun with flexible timings and it’s a well-paid job. It can also be a great experience for those students who want to later pursue a career in teaching, social care or healthcare. You can easily find babysitting jobs but for this you may have to provide good references or pass background checks.

4. Animal Caretaker

This sounds like a fun job. Animals are known to be natural stress relievers, which makes it enjoyable to take care of the animals. Timings can be flexible too. You can be an animal caretaker, dog walker or even get a job grooming the animals.

5. Telemarketer

There are plenty of jobs as a telemarketer. In fact, these jobs have flexible hours with a fantastic pay scale. It’s an easy job which requires less effort. All you have to do is make a few phone calls to conduct surveys, sell products or assist the customer in helping out with issues that they are facing with certain products.

6. Tutor

If you think you are good at studies, then providing tuition is the best way to earn a little extra while also studying. Tutoring pays well and lets you work on your terms; you can conduct classes in person or even at Zoom. You will easily find plenty of opportunities to tutor students in pre-school or high school and even your class-fellows.

7. Freelance Writer

There is a huge need for writers in the job market right now and the pay scale is amazing. You get to work on your terms, you just must submit the work on the given deadline. Many companies are looking to build long-term trust with their audience and for that they need to provide top notch content. As a freelance writer, if you provide top quality content then you get good pay.

8. Brand Ambassador

This job is gaining much popularity among college students these days. Brand ambassadors get paid for promoting a certain brand or products, at times you can even earn a good commission for reaching the target sales. Many of you must have seen people handing out free stuff around campuses or handing out free drinks or eatables around a mall. This is a great job. Being a brand ambassador will also prove to be a brilliant learning curve, especially if you are into marketing and sales.

9. Cashier

Cashiers handle money transactions at stores. One can easily get a job at grocery stores or a bookstore around the campus. It’s an easy job with flexible hours.

10. Driver

All you need is a driver license or a car. But having a car isn’t necessary, you just must get yourself registered as a driver at cab companies like Careem or Uber. These companies then offer cars to the registered drivers themselves. You can earn a good amount of money per month, and you can get to choose the working hours yourself.

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