Classes in the Pakistani institutes share many typical characteristics. From the behavior of students to the method of professors’ teaching, there are many similarities. Talking about the sarcastic comments of teachers, they are quite the same in different institutes. Here are a few typical things that every teacher says in the class. 

I think your discussions are more important than the lecture

They just need to find you talking to your friend or a classmate during a class and they will say, ‘what is it that is more important than the lecture.’ Who told them that the lecture is the most important thing for the students in a class? Students would like to do anything but listen to the lecture.  

Why are you laughing? Share it with everyone

Making jokes, laughing over lame comments, and finding ways to kill time is so fun in a class. But that fun can turn into something serious when the teacher finds out and decides to punish you in their own way. The worst punishment is to ask, ‘what is making you laugh so hard? I think everyone wants to laugh. So why don’t you share it with everyone.’

What did I just say? Explain it to the class 

Most of the students lose interest in the lecture after a certain time and stop listening. Some are lost in daydreaming, some are busy drawing on the notebook, and some manage to use their mobile phones. But if you are unfortunate to get caught by the teacher, they will ask you to explain the lecture to the whole class. Most probably they will ask, ‘where did I just stop? Explain this to the class.’ 

Ok, you will explain where did we leave the previous class

The teacher always knows about students. They know who focuses and who doesn’t during a class. So they pick some students, who they know were not active during the previous class, and ask about the previous lecture. You are lucky if you have not been that student.  

Am I singing a lullaby that is making you sleep?

What makes you sleep better than a lecture does? Well, most students wish to sleep when they are in a lecture. But when you feel sleepy, the teacher will point at you and pass a very taunting comment, ‘am I singing a lullaby to make you sleep?’ How will they know that this is the best time one wants to sleep?

You the group of backbenchers; disperse and come to the front seats

If you are a group of friends who sit on the last of the class, you should save yourself from the eyes of the teacher. Because whenever they find out that you are again sitting together on the last benches, they will ask you to do two things; don’t sit together and don’t sit at the last.   

Are you a second-class student who cannot stay without eating in the class?

Eating in the class is not an age-specific thing. Anyone can need to eat in a class where time is just stopped and energy is drained for doing nothing. But no, a teacher doesn’t understand. They will taunt you for being a child when you try to eat in a class.

Look at the other class, they are such great students

There is not even a single teacher who doesn’t tell you that the other class is better than you. They are well-mannered, obedient, and very hardworking, the teachers would say. The fun part is they say it in every class. 

I think you should start teaching and I should sit at your place 

When you are asking questions or are adding to the lectures, very few teachers like it. Most of them will get annoyed and ask you to come and teach the whole class. You are not welcome to share your ideas in such a class. 

You are tired? I think you were giving the lecture instead of me 

Students have no right of getting tired. This is what the teachers believe. Tell them to end the class before time because you are tired and you will hear them saying, ‘were you speaking during the whole class that you are tired?’ Well, sitting still and doing nothing makes you more tired and exhausted. But they are right because they are the teachers.

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