Ten typical questions that every Psychology student has to answer


Psychology is a field that has many stereotypes attached to it in Pakistan. The students of psychology are sometimes treated weirdly. Not just that, they have to explain their field to almost everyone. From their family members to friends and students from other degrees, they listen to stereotypical remarks from everyone. Parents are sometimes afraid of letting their children join this degree. It is not that the field is not in demand. People look for someone to talk to for their psychological help but still, there are many misconceptions about it. Here are some remarks and questions that every psychology student faces in our society. 

  • Can you tell me what am I thinking? 

Whenever people around you get to know that you are a psychology student, they will start asking such weird questions. ‘Tell me what is going on in my mind?’ Psychology is a mental science, not magic so they cannot tell you what is going on in your head.

  • What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

Is there even a single student who has not answered this question at least ten times? There is a clear difference between both fields. Psychologists treat their patients through therapy whereas psychiatrists through medicines. Well, I hope non-psychology people who are reading this will not ask this question from any psychology student. 

  • Can you treat me, I think I have depression? 

Maybe you have psychological problems. But there are three things that you need to consider. Every issue related to mental health is not depression. Every distressful situation such as general anxiety, stress, or sadness does not count as depression. And third, every psychology student is not a therapist so stop asking them to treat you.    

  • I have heard that psychology students become ‘psycho.’ Is it true?

The typical term that people use for mentally sick people is ‘psycho’ in our society. Everyone in our society thinks that you become psycho when you study psychology. Well, no they study psychological illnesses and human behaviors, they are not ‘psycho.’

  • What do you study? 

People just are very curious about this degree. They wonder what do they study that makes them so sane about mental issues. Yes, they are very sane in that matter and if you want to know the content of their studies, check out the course modules of any university’s psychology program.  

  • You are from psychology, I want to talk to you

Where there are stereotypes attached to this field, the people of psychology attract the rest of the population. They want to talk to them and discuss their existential issues. If you are a psychology student, you will have many people wanting to talk to you. 

  • Psychology students do not get married 

The issue that mothers are worried about. It is a misconception that the students of psychology do not get married because after all, they are ‘psycho.’ Well, they do get married very easily so there is no problem like this. 

  • When will you become a doctor?

Psychologists have many career options. They can become researchers, counselors, or therapists. But for God’s sake, they are not doctors. So, stop asking psychology students when will they become doctors.   

  • Do you treat by talking? 

The thing that you call talking is a scientific procedure of treating patients with psychological issues called ‘psychotherapy.’ This is like belittling the profession by calling it mere talking. 

  • I am not from psychology but still, I can give therapy 

Many people think that they are so good at resolving others’ problems that can become therapists. You might be a good listener and a good person. But my friend, you cannot become a therapist just by doing this. There needs to be a degree, certain years of practice, and a license to be a therapist. 

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