TEVTA management strives for the welfare of employees


The management of the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) has clarified that it has been striving for the welfare of the employees for the last few months; that’s why it has taken up the issue of a 25 percent allowance with the higher authorities.

The management of TEVTA has firmly rejected the smear campaign against the administration for not approving the 25 percent disparity allowance, claiming that management took up this issue with the Finance Department Government of Punjab (PFD).

The administration has also clarified that according to the notification issued by the Government of Punjab regarding Disparity Allowance, there was a criteria which applied three terms to employees. “The first term was that only civil employees should be eligible for this allowance, those employees who are already getting any special allowance are not eligible and third that the person should not be an employee of any company.”

The management claimed, ‘TEVTA employees understand the statutes and procedures of matters of government and think that the issue of a 25 per cent allowance is not on the part of management. Thus, there is no chance of protest. Therefore, such tactics must be avoided.”

The present management of TEVTA is striving hard to approve a 25 percent allowance for TEVTA employees. Such miscreants don’t belong to employees and are trying to spread chaos and bring bad names to the organization. We condemned such acts by a few minorities of miscreants.

The management should be praised rather than protested or using any other means as the current administration has taken up the issue with the higher authorities and wrote a letter to Finance and other departments. It is proof that this issue is not in TEVTA’s hands.

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