TEVTA teetering on the verge of a potential breakdown
TEVTA teetering on the verge of a potential breakdown

TEVTA teetering on the verge of a potential breakdown

In Lahore, Pakistan, the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), the largest provider of skills training in the country, is facing a severe crisis and is on the verge of a potential breakdown. According to reliable sources within TEVTA, during the admission season, approximately one-third of the officer cadre staff has been relocated. These sources of Academia Magazine also disclosed that a few months ago, the staff from the Industries, Commerce, Investment, and Skills Development Department (ICI&SDD) of Punjab had temporarily moved into TEVTA’s secretariat, occupying 50 percent of its buildings.

This was initially intended to be a short-term arrangement, with the expectation that the ICI & SDD staff would eventually vacate the premises. However, at present, 150 officers from the ICI & SDD still occupy half of TEVTA’s facilities. What exacerbates the situation is that, following this agreed-upon period, the ICI & SDD have proceeded to permanently occupy TEVTA by transferring 78 out of 145 officer cadre employees from TEVTA to their ranks. Consequently, the workstations of these 78 officers have been reassigned to the ICI & SDD officers. It is pertinent to mention here that TEVTA secretariat has 185 sanctioned posts of officers but there were 145 officers working on different positions but now only 67 officers are now running day to day affairs of the Authority.

Another important point to ponder here is that all the transfers were made during the important admission season which was started immediately after announcement of matric results. The transfer of huge number of staff has halted the operations of many departments including Operations, Procurement, Academics, Placement and Human Resources.

The sources further explained that Secretary ICI & SDD Ehsan Bhutta is holding the additional charge of Chairman TEVTA for last few months but the recent huge number of transfers were made when a retired army official was appionted Chairman TEVTA on August 20. According to notification, Brig R Sajid Khokhar was appionted Chairman TEVTA. He was the first ever retired army official which was appionted in the history of the largest skill provider authority of Pakistan.

The new Chairman has not taken the charge of his post event after 10 days of his appointment. According to the sources, when the new Chairman has been appointed then transfering of officers by a person holding additional staff doesn’t make any sense, he should be wait for the new Chairman.

These steps has made the staff of TEVTA curious, disappointed and confused as they are questioning the legality of these teansfers, whether these transfers are permanent, seats will be vanished permanently or temporary.

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