Prophet Muhammad (SAW) spent his life teaching  the principles of Islam and the law laid down by Allah Almighty to the people around him. It was the Prophet’s  utmost patience and kindness in his teachings that turned the once warring Arab pagans  into the best examples of human beings in the entire world.  All his life, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) laid great emphasis on imparting and receiving knowledge. In fact, the very first word the Prophet received in revelations from Allah was the word “Iqra“, meaning read. To make matters clearer, we have gathered a few of the important  sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on education. It is a wake up call for those who deny children, especially girls, the right to get educated.


On The Necessity Of Knowledge 

Every Muslim means every Muslim. The Prophet (PBUH) drew no lines there.



On Sharing The Treasure  

The Prophet (PBUH) directed Muslims to not only gather knowledge, but also to pass it on for wider benefit of the people.



On A Father’s Best Gift

Not wealth, not gold, not empires, not assets. It is a good education that is the best gift a father can provide to his children.


On The Virtue Of Teaching 

A good teacher gathers blessings from everyone, even Allah Almighty.


On Striving For Knowledge 

The path to seeking knowledge leads straight to paradise.


On Utilising Knowledge 

Just learning is not enough. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) made it clear that a knowledge not used for benefit was indeed no knowledge.

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