The Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK) has failed to prevent cheating and the paper leaks during the ongoing final exams for the students of intermediate.

The exams for the first-year and second-year students started on the 18th of June. Within only the first week of the exams, one paper from each part got leaked before the start of the exam.

The commerce exam for the first-year students was scheduled to be on Tuesday 21st June. However, the question paper was seen circulating on multiple social media platforms before the start of the exam.

Likewise, the exam of Mathematics was scheduled to be on Monday 20th of June, and the paper leaked before the start of the exam just like the Commerce one.

The stories of the mismanagement of the board do not end here. In many examination halls, more students have been allocated than the seating capacity. Resultantly, hundreds of students had to take their exams while sitting on the floors.

It made it difficult for the invigilators to keep a check and balance in the rooms, too. Many students were found using mobile phones in the halls. The crowd and congested seating made it easier for them to use their phones and engage in cheating activities.

Similar incidents of cheating were also seen in the board exams for matric held by the Board of Secondary Education, Karachi. The papers leaked, and students kept using mobile phones and books. Moreover, many students were found to be using cheating material openly during the exam. Even after being bashed by educationists, journalists and students, no improvement could be seen in the current exams.

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Ayesha Areej is a staff writer at The Academia Magazine

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  1. The problem isn’t students cheating, it’s the teachers and parents which enable the children to cheat. Each examination classroom is monitored by 3 teachers minimum, which should completely negate any and all kinds of cheating,like paper leaks. Every year, each journalist fails to document the real issue behind our failing education system.

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