6 Most Useful Foreign Languages for Pakistanis

Want to know the most useful foreign languages?  But before that let us learn the importance of learning a foreign language.

Learning foreign language interest is on the rise among Pakistanis. Pakistanis have recently discovered how important it is to learn another language. Once you are thoroughly convinced about how important these foreign languages are and how fruitful they can be in the future, the main question arises which of these foreign languages is the best? Many of the Pakistanis, eager to find good jobs leading to better brighter futures and to avail foreign opportunities are becoming proficient in languages other than their native English or Urdu. The younger generation of Pakistan is now devoting their time in learning foreign languages.

According to a few linguistic scholars, Japanese, French, Korean, Turkish, Chinese and German are the languages of the future. Learning and understanding a foreign language takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is always suggested to the students to pick a foreign language that has good career opportunities and job demand in the future.

Over the past few years, the demand for Chinese, Turkish, German and French have grown widely for several reasons.


Since Japanese is a very difficult language to learn there is slightly less competition for job positions with Japanese speaking applicants, hence it gets easier to get a job. Pupils opt for this language as Japan has a great economy with the fastest advanced technology. The demand of Japanese language has increased since the Japanese government has been seen improving the cultural ties between Pakistan and Japan with the help of cultural exchange programs, sports or education. It is also known that Japan has been helping the language learning centers in Pakistan by offering them special training and books.


Another language that Pakistanis love to learn is French. Many schools are offering French language as an extra subject. Learning French can bring lots of job opportunities as many multinational companies use French as their working language. Many French companies are based in Pakistan as well such as Loreal Pakistan. French is spoken in different continents and is the second most studied language, it is the language of culture, royalty and love. Many students want to learn French as it gives them the leverage of getting family sponsorships as well as chances to go abroad for higher education.


It is quite surprising that a very large number of students are learning the Korean language as it is a gateway to get amazing jobs and help in securing a better future. Korean is the language of South Korea, and it has one of the strongest growing economies in the world. Moreover, South Korea has the 7th largest economy in the world. The main objective of these students learning the Korean language is for the employment and training programs available in South Korea. On the other hand, many took an interest in learning Korean was due to the insane growing trend of K-drama and K-movies.


With the growing popularity of Turkish series and dramas in Pakistan, many people were fascinated by the Turkish language. As a matter of fact, Turkish language had a late entry in our society. With a dozen of Pak-Turk schools and colleges opening in Pakistan, the obsession of learning Turkish Language kept increasing. Today, many students are learning this Turkish Language at their schools. This is a significant language because many people around the globe speak it, it is the 15th most widely spoken language. Learning Turkish language gives you a ticket for an exceptional career and opens a lot of amazing opportunities for you. It is a way to stand out. You can also easily avail a lot of scholarships for higher studies if you learn Turkish language.


Mainly the Pakistan-China friendship has spurred interest in the learning of the Chinese language. Almost thousands of students get enrolled to learn Chinese. As China has the world’s second largest economy, learning Chinese can get you job opportunities everywhere. Its is spoken widely and getting trendy globally. Many of Pakistanis, an estimate of 15,000 students, is going to China for higher education. Due to China Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC, many want to learn Chinese as it led to better quality jobs and a good lifestyle. The awareness of learning Chinese has caused a better understanding of one of the richest cultures in the world. Chinese may also help you in personal and professional growth or gain advantages in the business market out there.


Germany on the other hand, is gaining quite popularity. Germany is an exceptional economic powerhouse in the world with a great economy. Learning the German language is mandatory if you opt for higher education. Because of its cultural and economic significance, German is taught in many universities in Pakistan. German is the third most popular foreign language taught worldwide and is one of the most important languages. One can make more money by learning German, and it can be huge help in expanding career opportunities. Moreover, knowing German will not only help in career or employment opportunities but will also help in medicine, government and healthcare. Job opportunities for German language learners include the following, translator, journalism, teacher, engineering jobs in Germany and many more.

No matter in which part of the world we live in, foreign languages have become a fundamental part of the globalized world. The study of foreign languages enhances our knowledge and makes us respect the cultures of other countries. New scientific studies have proven that learning a foreign language makes one smarter and sharpens the mind. The rising trend of learning foreign languages is a good step forward for Pakistan and truly empowers Pakistanis.

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