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The Top Pakistani Universities To Study Literature


LETTER Pakistan is a country with a rich literary history and home to hundreds of thousands of literature enthusiasts. From poets, essayists to novelists, the country has produced some of the finest writers of modern times. With such local literary heroes such as Faiz, Iqbal and Manto to hold as inspiration, the yearning to pursue a literature degree in Pakistan comes as no surprise. Literature as a discipline allows students to improve their comprehension, communication and writing skills. It simultaneously promotes empathy and understanding of human condition through storylines, plots, characters and conflicts that are relatable often, across cultures and societies.If you too wish to become a part of the country’s literati, we suggest you explore the universities we have shortlisted to pursue a degree that opens the doors to a literary revelation. Here are the top universities in Pakistan to study literature.


The University of Punjab

punjab university


The University of Punjab is the oldest university in Pakistan, having been set up during the colonial rule. Since its conception, the varsity has actively worked to ensure that the study of literature thrives. The Department of English Language & Literature was created on November 10, 1962, with Professor Siraj-ud-Din as the founder and first head of the department.Over the years, the department has progressed much and attracted some highly qualified teachers. At present, it has 16 teaching positions. Besides, some part-time teachers have also been engaged to teach the courses. In the University of Punjab, English is used as medium of instruction in the department of English Language & Literature. Despite other contenders, PU still remains one of the most sought after university in Pakistan to study literature. 


Government College Lahore University

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The Government College University’s department of English Language and Literature enjoys the distinction of being the oldest postgraduate department of English in the country. It was established in 1873 and was affiliated with Calcutta University and ater with the University of Punjab. Various programs offered by the department of English are aimed at producing confident individuals with strong oral and written skills. The focus remains on analytical and creative development of the young minds that helps them stand out as independent thinking entities.Among the renowned names associated with the department is that of the Urdu writer and essayist Ahmed Shah Bokhari, popularly known as Patras Bokhari.


Kinnard College

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Over the years, Kinnard College has gained a formidable reputation as Pakistan’s premier college for women. The college has made a mark by producing some of the most known and powerful female figures of Pakistani literature and politics. From Bapsi Sidhwa, Asma Jahangir to Bano Qudsia, all have been educated at Kinnaird.The aim has been to nourish the female identity and nurture the minds of inquisitive, passionate young women so they become eminent members of society with strong voices.It is one of the best places for young girls to pursue their passion for literature and its English Department attracts some of the top female teachers from across the country. When it comes to literature and teaching of it, Kinnaird has created a niche of its own.


Islamia College University, Peshawar

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The breathtaking building of Islamia College University Peshawar is a relic from the past. When the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, initially known as NWFP was formed in 1901, Edwardes College was the only higher education provider in the area. Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum and Sir George-Ross Keppel then took the initiative in 1913 to establish Islamia College University to help provide the region with a new breed of intellectuals and leaders. Over the decades, it has done exactly that. One interesting fact about the University is that in his will, the Leader of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, bequeathed one part of his residuary estate and the corpus that may fall after the lapse of life interest to Islamia College University.


University of Karachi

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Established as a Federal University in 1951, Karachi University as it is colloquially known is the oldest establishment of its kind in Sindh. In 1955, the English Department was created with Dr Muhammad Ahsan Farooqui as its head to provide quality education in literature.The university enjoys a distinguished status as a multi-disciplinary research institute. KU is a member of Association of Commonwealth Universities of the United Kingdom and has ranked high among the Asian Universities.From its Academics to Library collections and the University Press, KU has relentlessly worked towards promoting education excellence and competitive learning. The ever-increasing number of students, faculty members and researchers is a vivid reflection of KU’s competency in education.

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