TMUC organizes a career discovery job fair for its students


The Career Development Center of The Millennium Universal College (TMUC) conducted an annual fair called career discovery and job fair to bring in contact with the graduates and employers in the market. 

The job fair was held to remove the gap between the graduates of the college and the renowned employers of the country. This will make it easier for the graduates to find good jobs after their degree is completed and for the employers to find the right talent for their companies. The head of the Career Development Center at TMUC, Noorulain Zafar expressed her view that the institutes should not only be responsible for students’ education but also for their career development. She said, ‘we believe that educational institutions should focus on the whole journey of students from being a student to becoming a professional.’ She added that their focus is on making future leaders as per the requirements of the employers in the market.    

The Rector TMUC, Dr. Muhammad Ali Saeed initiated the event with his address. He told the students about the significance of this job fair and why it is important for institutes to conduct such events. The event was attended by employers from diverse fields. There were experts from fashion, IT, media, finance, banking, corporate, and the social sector. The students of the institute talked to the professionals and also got counseling from career experts. 

Students sounded very passionate about their future and many of them got opportunities to work as interns or employees at different organizations. This was a different experience for the students that proved very helpful for them in deciding the right path for their careers.

Apart from the classroom experiences, students should have opportunities to interact with the people who are going to be there in their professional lives. This is more impactful and significant than classroom education. Institutes should take inspiration and provide their students with such amazing educational and professional opportunities.

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