Top 10 Medical Universities in Asia

Top 10 Medical Universities in Asia

Medical Universities in Asia

Top 10 Medical Universities in Asia 2018

Before we look at the top 10 Medical Universities in Asia, ranked by the very prestigious Times Higher Education. Let’s look at why Aisa is a good destination for medical universities.

While heading out into the world for higher education, most Pakistani students have a natural bias toward western and European universities, not realizing that Asia has some of the most sought-after institutes that attract students from every corner of the globe. And the hundreds of thousands of students that enrol in these varsities each year do not come to experience Asian food or culture. They come because the universities are actually world-class institutions offering the very best of educational and research facilities.

And since medicine is such a beloved profession in Pakistan, we thought it apt to inform you about the best medical universities in Asia.

  1. National University of Singapore

Cultural Centre at NUS: Top 10 Asian Medical UniversitiesThe medical school of the National University of Singapore was established in 1905 and is currently considered the top medical school in Asia. Named Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, the school offer state-of-the-art education and opportunities for cutting edge research in various medical disciplines, including epidemiology and public health, biochemistry, medicines, microbiology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, pathology, pharmacology, and orthopaedic surgery. The school follows the British model of medical education and offers full-time undergraduate programmes leading to Bachelors of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelors of Medicine. The department also offers postgraduate Master of Nursing, Master of Science (Nursing) and Doctor of Philosophy programmes.

  1. Tsinghua University, China

PEKING 1The medical school at Tsinghua University is as exclusive as any top school in the world. It has its roots in the Peking Union Medical College that was founded by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1917 based on American education system. Tsinghua set up its first medical school in 2001, but merged it with the Peking Union Medical College in 2006, with the institute now called Peking Union Medical College, Tsinghua University.

Besides being second best in Asia, the college is the top ranked medical school and hospital in China and the only medical institute in China to be affiliated with Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. The Peking Medical College runs a rigorous 8-year MD programme and only inducts a mere 90 students into the programme each year. The students spend the first 2.5 years of the programme at Tsinghua studying life sciences, before moving on to the Peking Union Medical College to study clinical medicine for the next 5.5 years. Phew!

  1. Peking University, China

Peking Uni healthEstablished in 1912, Peking University Health Science Centre is the 3rd best medical institute in Asia. It is affiliated with 14 hospitals of Beijing and considered to be the most respected and selective medical institute of China. The institute was previously known as Beijing Medical University, and it is the pioneer institute of China to adopt the western model of education and start training doctors according to British medical education system. Beijing Medical University merged with Peking University in 2000 and was renamed Peking University Health Science Centre.

  1. University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong UNi MEDThe medical school of the University of Hong Kong has its roots in the colonial Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, set up by the British 1887. It was later merged with Hong Kong University and became its medical school in 1911. Today, the college is known as Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine and consists of several departments and schools that offer world-class educational programmes in nursing, medicine, and pharmacy. The medical school works in collaboration with the Queen Mary Hospital which is also its main research base. The college offers education in both English and Chinese languages, for studies in contemporary and Chinese medicine, respectively.

  1. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

LKChian MEDNTU is an independent research university in Singapore. NTU is not only considered to be the best in Asia but also among the top universities in the world. It’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine was founded in 2013 and works in collaboration with Imperial College of London. The National Healthcare Group is the school’s main clinical partner.

  1. Chinese University of Hong Kong

CUHK MEDIChinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) came into being in 1963 as a federation of three colleges. The faculty of medicine of CUKH was established 1985 and consist of five medical departments that offer an array of undergraduate and graduate medicinal programmes.

The Prince of Wales Hospital of Hong Kong is the school’s main research base. The primary mode of communication is English but a few courses are also offered in Chinese. Despite its short history of 35 years, CUHK was ranked among the top 50 medical schools in the world in 2016.

  1. University of Tokyo

Tokyp medThe medical school of the University of Tokyo is called the Tokyo Medical University. It is one of the few medical schools in Japan that were established before World War II. According to the medical education policy of Japan, TMU offers a 6-year curriculum of medicine comprising preclinical and clinical studies. After successful completion of the 6-year curriculum, students are considered qualified for the national medical licensing exam.

  1. Seoul National University, South Korea

Seould NU hospitalSeoul National University (SNU) is South Korea’s national research university founded in 1946 and considered as the county’s most prestigious university in medicinal research. NTU consists of sixteen colleges, one graduate school, and nine professional schools. The student body of the university includes 11,000 graduate and 17,000 undergraduate pupils.

  1. Kyoto University, Japan

KyoptoKyoto University is a top research-oriented institute in Asia and famous for its unique approach to education and research. The university encourages “creativity” and “dialogue” in its students and considers these two as the two main pillars of research in any field. The state-of-the-art laboratories enable students and researchers to have the hands-on practical experience that is crucial to their academic development.

  1. Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), South Korea

Sungkyunkwan University SKKU South KoreaSKKU is a private university consisting of two campuses in Suwon and Seoul. The university was founded in 1398 by Joseon Dynasty and authorized as Sungkyunkwan meaning “foremost education institution of Joseon.” Medical School of the SKKU is considered as the top medical centre and affiliated with the famous Samsung Medical Centre.

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