Top 12 educational Netflix shows

Top 12 educational Netflix shows

educational Netflix shows

We all love binge-watching shows on Netflix all the time. Whether it’s the kids, their parents, or adults. So, how great would it be if there were educational informative programs available online? Say no more because Netflix has made learning fun for kids and adults. There are tons of educational series, documentaries, and movies on Netflix, which surprisingly cover various engaging and informative topics for everyone to binge-watch. These inspirational shows, documentaries, and movies airing on Netflix are truly something for every interest. We will share a list of the top 12  educational Netflix shows. 

These series are not only for educational purposes, but they are entertaining, keeping viewers hooked on these shows for hours. While many people are not fans of the series, hey, look on the brighter side; at least you all will be learning a few new things and enhancing your knowledge.

Here is a list of some fascinating shows for everyone; read on! 

Our Planet

Our Planet is a British documentary series made for Netflix, the first nature documentary that Netflix has ever made. This series is not only beautiful but also quite informative, as this show focuses on the lives of these living creatures and how climate change is affecting their lives. If you are looking for a good nature documentary, this is the right pick. 

100 Humans

This show revolves around 100 people who go through different sets of experiments. It helps us take a closer look at human behavior. About three scientists carry out test hypotheses for a few social experiments. This series gives us an insight into how humans tend to react to various situations. These episodes are about 35-40 minutes long and cover an entire scientific study which is quite engaging. 

72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America

Are you an animal lover? If yes, then this show is perfect for you. Learn everything about the animal planet kingdom. Each episode of this series shows us which animal is the most dangerous or can cause the most damage. This show also states some very interesting facts that many of you would be unaware of so why not head over to Netflix and watch it yourself? 

Abstract: The Art of Design

This Netflix documentary series highlights artists in every field of design and questions how the roles of these designs play in our everyday lives and how these designs have impacts in every aspect of life. From the costumes, we see on the screens to the buildings we live into the products that we buy have all been designed for the maximum effects. A perfect show for all art lovers. 

Everyday Miracles: The Genius of Sofas, Stockings, and Scanners

In today’s modern evolving world, it has become a norm for us to take things for granted. As digital technology changes rapidly, we often forget about the little things that have been nothing but a real blessing for us, such as bikes, sofas, socks, and much more. In this show, you will be taught the backstories behind these useful items in a very mesmerizing and fun way. It is a show which will make you appreciate the little things in life which we hardly appreciate now.  


This educational streaming television series on Netflix introduces several scientific topics to the younger audience. It makes science fun, engaging, interesting and cool. Brainchild is a show that teaches kids through games and experiments, making learning about new things easier. It explains everything about stuff like plants, emotions or germs, or social media. 

Llama Llama

This show has 2 short seasons; this show is based on the books by Anna Dewdney. The main character of the series, Llama, his friends, and his family have a bunch of fun adventures revolving around the meaning of friendship, family, and learning new things. By the end of each episode, it gives a motivational message that should be learned as a lesson. So, quickly head over to watch this adorable series with your children. 


This show is amazing. It is an eye-opening food series that revolves around the massive corruption happening in the food industry. This show has helped people see the most uncomfortable facts about food production, food wastage, and the danger behind humans’ everyday eating habits. 

History 101

History 101 is quite an interesting documentary series that has episodes that revolve around short history lessons. These lessons include Oil and the Middle East, Plastics, Fast Food, The Space Race, Feminism, Robots, STEM, Science, and more. The episodes are only about 25 minutes short but cover broad topics that help broaden your knowledge.  

The Social Dilemma

This documentary is a must-watch, and it is for people of all ages. It focuses on an important topic how social media has taken over our lives. About the huge impact that it has on us. It goes on to show how it manipulates and secretly controls all of us, such as our views, emotions, and behaviors. It also shows how we all are addicted to our phones and can’t live without it. This documentary gives a very important message.

The Toys That Made Us

This show consists of 3 seasons with episodes ranging from 3-4 per season, and they are of about 45 minutes long so you can easily binge-watch this show in two to three days. This show teaches us everything about the origins of the most popular iconic toys of all time. These include Lego, Barbie, Star Wars, He-Man, and some information of the companies like Mattel or Hasbro. These episodes are absolutely worth your time. The episodes consist of interviews with the designers of these major toy lines. Quite an interesting show. 

Life in Color

This series is incredible. It shows the viewers how the animal kingdom survives using color or how they communicate among themselves. It’s an amazing show packed with lots of engaging information as it lets the viewers watch with the newly equipped technology at the fact that how these animals see the colors in a way that humans can’t. A must-watch. 

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