Top Five education documentaries for students


We often spend hours on the internet, scrolling through random videos but what if we watched something meaningful and educational instead of the random videos? Who doesn’t love watching an informative documentary, educational series or a movie? In this article, you will find a list of the top five education documentaries and shows for students.

1. Dream Big: Engineering Our World

This educational documentary shows details about the role engineers play in shaping the world. The show focuses on STEM based subjects that are Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Some might find it dull but it gets interesting as the show goes on. The documentary may help in developing interests regarding STEM among students.

2. Our planet

Our planet is a show which focuses on the beauty of Mother Earth and gives an important message to its viewers about how climate change is affecting all of its living beings. This documentary also shows a gloomy picture of how global warming is starting to grow and goes on to give an insight to its young viewers about the changes and how we must protect our earth.

3. In the Shadow of the Moon

This documentary is all about NASA’s moon missions and takes you behind the scenes with interviews of the astronauts who were a part of those moon missions carried out by NASA. It is quite an interesting and engaging show. For all those students who have some knowledge about the moon and want to learn something more, this show is for you.

4. Brain Games

This National Geographic series is an interactive show which challenges the audience with puzzling brain benders in each episode and showing how you perceive the world. It will make you rethink everything that you know about your brain. Brain Games is a perfect show which helps in improving your focus and memory. A must watch show.

5. Brainchild

Kids always have questions in their mind as to what are memories? How big is the universe? Why are there so many languages in the world? This educational documentary has the answers to all these questions and helps children understand science. Brainchild dives into deep topics like creativity, STEM, emotions and much more and helps children in enhancing their knowledge on broader subjects. The show is perfect for kids and will keep them engaged in learning new things.

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