Trending fields in Pakistan?
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Trending fields in Pakistan?

Trending fields in Pakistan?

Everyone dreams of having the perfect career. Many students wonder what the trending fields in Pakistan will help them achieve a promising career with a rewarding yet secure future. Especially in these times, when there is a high unemployment rate, and rising inflation. Everyone wants to make the most perfect choice to secure their career because a good choice of the field will certainly lead you towards the road to success. Are you looking for trending fields in Pakistan? Do you wonder what is the trending fields in Pakistan? Well, don’t worry.

1. Business Administration

There are no businesses that can survive without proper management and administration. There are various firms in Pakistan, be that local or multinational who are always on the lookout for business professionals. Business administration is one of the most demanding and highest-paying fields in Pakistan. Students with a qualification in business administration can easily get a job that too in different working areas such as HR, marketing, digital marketing, sales, finance, economics, etc. Business administration is one of the trending fields in Pakistan.

2. Medical

Medical is one of the trending fields in Pakistan. Every year thousands of students choose medical as their field. It is one of the most reputed and respectable professions in Pakistan and has always been high in demand. The pay scale in the field of medicine is amazing and there are various fields in medical one can choose from.

3. Chartered Accountant

There is a huge demand for chartered accountants in Pakistan that too with some of the highest-paying salaries and other benefits. Therefore, most people choose chartered accountancy as their career choice. Chartered accountancy is one of the trending fields in Pakistan.

4. Fashion and Design

Fashion and design are the most demanding and trending fields in Pakistan nowadays. This field has been growing rapidly in Pakistan and there are many local brands in Pakistan that have started emerging on international levels. The field of fashion and design is on the rise and has some of the highest pay scales for all creative individuals.

5. Computer Science

The world is moving at a rapid pace and constantly evolving. Everything is changing in modern technology. We use computers in our everyday lives to make our work easier. There is a huge rise in the field of computer science and this field has a huge scope in Pakistan as it continues to grow and evolve. Students interested in pursuing computer science can become software engineers, applications developers, web designers, graphic designers, and much more.

6. Engineering

Engineering is one of the oldest and most reputed and respected professions in Pakistan. Just like medicine, many students opt for engineering as well. The scope of engineering has always been on the rise in Pakistan and the job market is filled with numerous job opportunities. Firms are always looking out for talented and experienced engineers and offer high-scale salaries. Having a degree in engineering opens tons of opportunities and has a great secure future.

7. Web Designing and Development

With the world moving more towards the latest technology every day, the field of web designing and web development has grown more and more over the past few years. This field keeps on growing and has some of the best job opportunities along with great pay.

8. Lecturer

Not many people find the job of a lecturer quite appealing, but institutes are always on the lookout for great tutors. One can make an excellent career in the field of education. Every year, there are several governments or private institutes hiring some amazing teachers, if a person is highly qualified, they are given handsome salary packages as well.

9. Career in Pakistan Defence Forces

There are tons of fantastic job opportunities in the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force as well as Pakistan Navy. There are numerous work opportunities such as captain, soldier, commission officer, cadet, army officer, and much more.

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