Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Programme: Everything You Need To Know About it

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Programme: Everything You Need To Know About it

Turkiye Burslari scholarship


Is Turkiye Burslari scholarship

Turkiye Burslari scholarship  is an international scholarship programme offered and funded by the Government of Turkey. These scholarships are offered to international students wishing to pursue higher education at all academic levels in Turkey including undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degree programmes.

These scholarships were re-launched in 2012 and are administered by the parent organization ‘Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities’. The aim of these scholarships is to improve mutual understanding between Turkey and international countries and to contribute to the global knowledge-base through a people-oriented approach. These scholarships aim to raise a generation of international scholars who will produce viable solutions to the problems of their individual countries.

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Turkiye Scholarships received 130 thousand application in 2018, according to their official website. The number of these applications have increased over the course of years, where students hailing from all parts of the world apply for these prestigious scholarships. These scholarships not only provide financial support to the applicant but also ensures their placement in Turkish universities in their intended programmes. Apart from providing high-class academic experience to international scholars, the scholarship also aims to allow students to draw the maximum benefits of the social, cultural, and extra-curricular activities while they are in Turkey.

Some of the awards under the scholarship include:

Undergraduate Scholarship Programmes

  • Türkiye Africa Undergraduate Scholarship Programme
  • Turkiye Scholarships Offer
  • Bosphorus Undergraduate Scholarship Programme
  • Balkans Undergraduate Scholarship Programme
  • Harran Undergraduate Scholarship Programme
  • Black Sea Undergraduate Scholarship Programme
  • Turkish Speaking Countries Undergraduate Scholarship Programme
  • Anatolian Undergraduate Scholarship Programme

Graduate Scholarship Programmes

  • Ali Kuşçu Science and Technology Graduate Scholarship
  • İbni Haldun Social Sciences Graduate Scholarship

Branch Scholarships

  • İbni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Programme
  • Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship Programme
  • Islamic Studies Scholarship Programme

Short Term Scholarships

  • Support Scholarship Programme
  • Success Scholarship Programme
  • Research Scholarships
  • Ahilik Vocational Training Scholarship


Does the scholarship take you?

The Turkiye Burslari scholarship provides a golden chance to international students and research scholars to pursue education at some of the leading Turkish institutes free-of-cost. The Turkiye scholarship offers lucrative funding and student amenities to international scholars after winning over the scholarship. The scholarship for the undergraduate degree programme covers monthly stipend of 700 TL, tuition fee, once-off return flight ticket, health insurance, accommodation and one-year Turkish language programme. The scholarship for the postgraduate and doctorate degree programme includes monthly stipend ranging from 950 to 1400 TL, tuition fee, health insurance, accommodation, once-off return flight ticket and one-year Turkish language programme. Short term research programme offers a monthly stipend of over 440 TL for undergraduate, 590 TL for postgraduate and 880 TL for doctorate degree programmes, however, does not cover accommodation and other amenities.


Is eligible for the scholarship?

Citizens of all countries are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The minimum academic criteria for the scholarship includes 70 percent marks for undergraduate courses, 75 percent marks for postgraduate courses and 90 percent marks for health sciences. The age criteria for undergraduate students is to be under 21 for undergraduate programmes, under 30 for master’s programme and under 35 for PhD programmes. Graduates or applicants who will be graduating at the end of the current academic year, before September 2019 are also eligible to apply for the scholarship. Turkish students are not eligible to apply for the programme.


Should you be applying?

Turkiye scholarships open around February, annually. The scholarships for September/October 2019 intake are open till February 20, 2019. Aspiring students can apply online at https://tbbs.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/. Courses are available in Turkish and English language, with one-year Turkish language course for students, who have no prior understanding of the language.


Choose the Turkiye scholarship?

Turkiye Burslari scholarships are available for students and research scholars all over the globe. Talented students who lack the financial backing to pursue higher education can benefit from this golden opportunity. Turkey holds geographical prominence in the world, as it not only bridges Asia and Europe but also manifests itself as a diverse cultural and religious milieu. Turkey is emerging as a leading political player and conflict-resolver in the global arena. It is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and is the 6th largest economy of Europe and 16th largest economy in the world. The number of international students studying in turkey has increased manifold in the last few years. Turkey has over 110, 0000 international students, among which 25000 students are studying on scholarship grants. Turkiye Burslari scholarship is an excellent opportunity for Pakistani students hailing from low-socioeconomic backgrounds, as it can help them to fulfil their dream of studying abroad.

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To go about it…

The application procedure

The application procedure is completed through the Turkiye Burslari scholarship portal online. The portal opens one month prior to the deadline.

Preliminary assessment:

Turkiye scholarship applications are accessed on the basis of academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and other professional credentials of the applicant. During the process, the candidates are evaluated on the basis of their eligibility for the intended programme, along with their academic and social achievements. All documents uploaded in the online portal are evaluated including grades, age limit, required documents etc.

Online portal

All the information has to be completed in the online portal. Personal information, family information, social activities, educational information, employment information, examination details, and language details have to be filled in the online form.

online portal

Documents to be submitted for the application

  • Educational transcripts and degree of matriculation, intermediate, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
  • Curriculum vitae with a cover letter.
  • Employment letter from current employer (For employed applicants only).
  • 2 reference letters by your professors, employers or supervisors. These letters should provide detailed information about the candidate. All the referees are contacted by the committee for verification.
  • Letter of intent. This letter should highlight the motivation behind applying for the scholarship and how the opportunity will benefit the candidate for his future endeavours. The applicant should explain their academic achievements and social experiences in detail and should provide an in-depth exploration of their student and professional experiences and how these experiences will help the applicant to pursue an education in Turkey.
  • Research plan. The candidate needs to answer some specific questions in order to provide information about the intended research project to the committees. These include the title of the study, the objective of the research, analysis of the problem, research method/design, the general structure of the plan, academic contribution of the study and literature review. (Only for masters and doctoral candidates).
  • Certificates of academic or social achievements (Merit awards, scholarships, extracurricular activities, volunteer work etc.).
  • TOEFL and IELTS (Not mandatory)


The application is reviewed by expert committee in the respective country of the candidate on the basis of their previous qualification, research goals, academic interests, clarity of letter of intent, volunteer work and social activities etc. After the evaluation, the final candidates are invited for an interview.


The interview is conducted by interview committee, formulated for each country by the organizers that includes academicians and experts. The interview is usually 15-30 minutes long and is conducted in the following manner:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Document verification
  • Motivation for applying
  • Academic knowledge and career goals
  • Any questions to the committee


  • Be confident and put forth your ideas, career goals, the motivation of application and research proposal boldly.
  • Don’t forget to take your educational documents and certificates along.


All selected candidates are informed by the authorities after a final evaluation of the application. All selected candidates are given a list of documents that are to be attached with their visa application.

The application round of Turkiye Burslari scholarship for Pakistani students are open till February 20, 2019. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity. Best of luck.

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