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#LUMS,  remained Friday’s top trend on twitter after a student shared his experience of bullying by his peers,  and staff of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) based on his social class highlighting how class difference is dividing the society.
Muhammad Umar Habib, a former student of LUMS, who was admitted to the varsity in LUMS National Outreach Programme (NOP) shared his ordeal at the university where he shared how he was treated with contempt because of his rural background. He began with his first experience on the very first day at LUMS.

He also narrated how other students were treated based on their social class at the university and how it affected them.
Many social media users came out in support of the student and called out LUMS for the discrimination happening at their campus.
One user wrote:
Another user reminded him about the society’s responsibility to its youth

One user pointed out the university’s responsibility to not disclose which students were studying there on NOP.

The lack of diversity at campuses in universities was also pointed out and why it was needed in Pakistan.

A LUMS teacher also applauded the former student of the varsity and highlighted the need for the university administration to take the matter seriously.

Journalist Umar Cheema said that he was proud of his roots and being a “paindoo”

Nuzhat Siddiqi also pointed out the responsibility of the LUMS administration and how it needed to be taken seriously
Bullying in Pakistan is not talked about, especially at educational institutions where it is an increasing phenomenon.

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