U.S launches Undergraduate Student Exchange Program for Pakistan

U.S launches Undergraduate Student Exchange Program for Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: The United States has announced the Undergraduate Student Exchange Program schedule for  Pakistani students enrolled in BS Honors.

As per the Student Exchange Program, students will get free educational, travel and accommodation facilities to study in American universities.

It is pertinent to note that Students of third and sixth semester are eligible for the Student Exchange Program.

The program is intended to promote mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of Pakistan. It provides an opportunity for Pakistani students to enrich their education and experience through one semester of full-time, non-degree academic study in the U.S.

The program will also expose students to the principles of social responsibility in the United States through a community service component.

The age limit for the applicant student is set at 25 years and students will be sent to an American university for one year under the US Educational Foundation for the Undergraduate Student Exchange Program.

It is clarified by the US Embassy in its advertisement that dual nationals and permanent residents of the US are ineligible for this program.

The last date for submission of online applications is April 28.


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