UAE-based resident’s initiative empowering 7 million children in Pakistan

UAE-based resident’s initiative empowering 7 million children in Pakistan

UAE-based resident’s initiative empowering 7 million children in Pakistan

UAE resident is launching the largest initiative in Pakistan to empower 7 million children in the country’s KPK and AJK provinces. Dubai based Omar Farooqui is the Founder of Future Pakistan, a non-profit initiative that aims to empower people of Pakistan with Education, Health, Food and Financial inclusion.

The initiative is bring launched from Peshawar-KPK province. Farooqui, a former investment banker, has now decided to replace his business cap with the impact one. He launched his trust in Pakistan this year named as Future Pakistan to serve the millions of people in the country struggling for basic facilities. “The whole idea is to change the lives of millions of people in our country who are left behind just because they don’t have access to basic amenities. At Future Pakistan, we are committed to provide facilities at their doorsteps whether it is health, food, education, financial inclusion,” Farooqui said. “I am blessed to have a successful career both as an investment banker and an entrepreneur.
 Now it is time to serve the humanity. While working in Pakistan, I realised, I have to really rollup my sleeves and need to play a deeper role beyond business, hence Future Pakistan was launched,” he added. “In the first phase we are proud to say that Future Pakistan is committed to empower more than 6 million children and their families across the KPK province with health and education in the next five years,” he added. Along with KPK, Future Pakistan is also starting its services in AJK public schools catering to more than 1 million children and their respective families.
 Farooqui invited Pakistanis living in the UAE to be the part of this initiative and play their role in empowering their countrymen. “We invite Pakistani students and residents from the UAE to spend some time with us and join this beautiful journey of empowering children and their families. In the first phase, Future Pakistan will offer health, food, financial inclusion, education services and will later expand many more .

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