UAF Treasurer Umar Saeed Addresses The Teaching Faculty


University of Agriculture Faisalabad’s treasurer Umar Saeed Qadri addressed the teaching faculty at a meeting convened under the auspices of Academic Staff Association at New Senate Hall.

UAF scientists should enhance their efforts to conduct solid research work and develop model business plans for becoming self- sufficient campus and agricultural development, said Umar Saeed. Quoting the example of USA, he said that at the time of Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War in 1862, US adopted the Morrill Land-Grant Act for the creation of land-grant colleges and universities in every US state.

Each university was awarded the agricultural land of 3,000 acres to meet the financial needs so they could become self-sufficient. Even in the difficult situation of civil war, they were making their headway in the education. He added that it was the point that emerged the US as the world leader. Saeed told the gathering that the UAF was also established on the pattern of land grant university.

He said that after the cut in the Higher Education Commission budget, it is need of the hour to look into the way of generating finances from our own resources. He divulged that HEC budget had declined as the UAF was getting 50 percent budget from HEC which was 70 percent a couple of years ago. He added that the tangible interventions were being mapped out to address the grievances of the campus community. He said student teacher ratio had touched to 40 which is only 20 in the developed nations. Qadri said that owing to better management, the university pension fund had increased to 1.4 billion which was 400 million.

He suggested establishment of Directorate of Training should up for the management training of the UAF newly addicted or promoted employees that will enhance their efficiency and help meet the challenges.  He urged the faculty to produce the skilled manpower that will help the country to combat the different challenges. He added that the solid research was prerequisite for the development and uplift of any country. We have to work on it.

He assured the faculty of the full cooperation university management to address the problems of UAF community. ASA president Dr Esa Khan said that the all possible measures were being taken to solve the problems of the campus community. He said that no nation can survive of its existence which do not give due respect to their respect to their teachers. He added  that that UAF was the best educational institutions in agriculture  sector. ASA Secretary Anjum Zia and Dr Sagheer also spoke on the occasion.


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